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Helping the development of education, Sumitomo rubber re donation award Teaching Award Learning Fund

inspect voltage changes every day to help the development of education, Sumitomo rubber re donation award Teaching Award Learning Fund

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recently, Changshu Binjiang experimental middle school held a donation and awarding ceremony of "Sumitomo rubber award Teaching Award Learning Fund", Reward teachers who have made outstanding contributions in the teaching process and students who have achieved excellent results in learning. The founder of the fund is Sumitomo rubber (China) Co., Ltd., which actively practices corporate society, is enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings and helps the development of teaching. Sumitomo rubber chairman Naoki Yamada and representatives of teachers and students of Binjiang experimental middle school attended the ceremony

prize teaching and learning repeatedly give play to the value of plastic itself, carry forward the positive energy of the campus, and comprehensively improve the teaching level.

Sumitomo rubber (China) Co., Ltd. established the "Sumitomo rubber prize teaching and Learning Fund" in 2015, and donated RMB 50000 to Changshu Binjiang experimental middle school every year to reward the excellent teachers and students of the school. Mr. Yamada, chairman of Sumitomo rubber, said in the award speech: "the original intention of the award teaching and learning fund is to reward teachers who seriously invest in teaching and carefully cultivate young people, as well as students who work hard to learn and realize their dreams in order to live up to the expectations of teachers.". On behalf of all the teachers and students, the person in charge of Binjiang experimental middle school expressed sincere thanks to Sumitomo rubber (China) Co., Ltd. for its support and help in developing local education

century old brand shows social heart

vigorously promote regional development

Sumitomo rubber entered the Chinese market in 2002. The tester needs to calibrate the test span to ensure the stability and stability of the test support. It is settled in Changshu Economic and Technological Development Zone, and continues to adhere to technological innovation in the industry field to provide consumers with high-quality products. At the same time, as a multinational enterprise pursuing the happiness of all members of the group, Sumitomo rubber has been actively performing the current universal experimental machine enterprise society for many years. Under the guidance and support of the development zone and government departments, Sumitomo rubber has carried out public welfare activities in many fields such as education and environmental protection, always closely linked the progress of the enterprise with regional development, and established a good relationship of mutual trust with the local people

2018 marks the 130th anniversary of the birth of Sumitomo rubber's tire brand "Dunlop", which is also the name of Mr. Dunlop, the inventor of the world's first pneumatic tire. For 130 years, Dunlop tire has followed the brand spirit of "moving forward, never stopping", constantly innovating and leading the development of the industry. In the future, Sumitomo rubber (China) Co., Ltd. will continue to pay attention to and participate in more public welfare activities, actively undertake the society and contribute to the construction of a harmonious society

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