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Summary information of paper packaging test instruments

summary information of paper packaging test instruments

there are many kinds of paper packaging test instruments, but do you know clearly the purpose and purpose of all kinds of instruments? We are here to share the latest information about packaging and testing instruments with you, hoping to help you better use these machines for work

we know that cartons are composed of paper at all levels, and the reasonable allocation of paper is the basic condition to ensure the compressive strength of cartons. By testing the physical properties of the paper at all levels, we can preliminarily calculate the compressive strength of the carton, and then through the calculated compressive strength, the carton compressive testing machine can control the compressive strength of the carton in each process of the production process

according to statistics, there are more than 10000 packaging enterprises with an annual sales revenue of more than 50000 yuan in China, nearly one third of which are plastic packaging products enterprises. In the past, only a few of these enterprises had their own testing laboratories. After making the circuit board in the experimental process, they can also change the digital circuit logic through programming. Now small enterprises also begin to pay attention to establishing their own testing laboratories. Experts pointed out that since most plastic packaging products have the function of blocking water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide, the demand for testing instruments in this regard will be increasing

the project Department of the packaging and printing industry recently launched special testing instruments for packaging to the market. It includes oxygen transmission tester, water vapor transmission tester, carton compression tester, bursting strength tester, tensile strength tester, ring blank holder pressure tester, drop tester, simulated transportation vibration tester, carbon dioxide transmission tester, packaging tightness testing system, such as headspace analyzer, rupture tester, heat seal tester, Hazemeter, peel tester and friction coefficient tester

it is understood that at present, domestic plastic gravure inks are mainly solvent based inks, and benzene exceeding the standard is very harmful to human body. However, gravure printing speed is high, and volatile inks must be used to meet the printing requirements, which makes the environmental protection problem particularly prominent in gravure printing process. Because water-based ink does not contain volatile organic solvents, it completely eliminates the toxic and harmful substances in the solvent type ink, which is different from that in the aerospace field, and avoids the pollution of packaged goods. It is the only non-toxic ink approved by FDA in the United States. At present, only a few domestic manufacturers produce this kind of ink, but because the adhesion, printing speed, gloss and other aspects of water-based ink in gravure printing can not fully reach the performance level of solvent based ink, it can not meet the requirements of plastic film color packaging printing manufacturers for the time being

for the compressive properties of cartons, we have obtained through experiments that under the same conditions, the compressive strength of cartons decreases by 90N ~ 130n and the deformation increases by about 2mm for each 1mm of widening of the transverse pressure line of cartons. The pressing line is too wide, which will cause the carton to increase slowly in the pressure test. 1. The setting operation of the Chinese window screen is simple. The force value increases slowly during the test, the effective value is small, and the final deformation is large. In order to ensure the compressive strength, we should try our best to improve the production process and reduce the impact of various processes on the compressive strength of cartons

Haida specializes in the research and development of carton compression testing machine, rupture strength testing machine and other packaging testing instruments. Each machine adopts full computer control technology, open structure, high automation program, simple and convenient operation, safety and reliability; Fully automatic measurement, intelligent judgment function, and the operating system displays the real clamping pressure of the sample in real time; Automatic measurement, statistics, printing test results, and data storage function, welcome to inquire

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