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South Korea has repeatedly imported wooden packaging to China

recently, Jiang and his office rent is extremely high. The New Area Office of the entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Jiangsu and Wuxi has seized Korean imported wooden packaging from Wuxi port for five consecutive times. Insiders suggest that suppliers with poor reputation should be subject to batch quarantine

it is understood that two of these five batches of goods provided "no wood declaration", which was found to have actually used wood packaging after inspection, and the other three batches provided "non coniferous wood packaging declaration", which was proved to be coniferous wood packaging by laboratory testing

at present, foreign suppliers still lack understanding of the relevant provisions of China's wood packaging quarantine; Some suppliers also put a little wooden packaging in the depths of the container in vain to muddle through; Even more, "the safety of rail transit is related to everyone's life safety. The wooden declaration" is issued by the freight forwarding company itself

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