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When I came to Xinning County, Hunan Province, I was immediately intoxicated by two kinds of scenery, one is the Danxia beauty of Langshan, a national scenic spot, and the other is the orange red and brilliant navel oranges all over the mountains. Xinning County has a long history of planting navel oranges. At present, the county is striving to build "the hometown of navel oranges in China". As early as 1943, they introduced Washington navel orange for trial planting, and selected the unique excellent strain "Langfeng" navel orange. In the 1970s, the Ministry of agriculture and the former Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation concluded through investigation that Xinning's unique soil and microclimate were suitable for the growth of high-quality navel oranges, and Xinning was subsequently identified as one of the country's four major navel orange production bases. Relevant state departments also gave Xinning navel orange as a gift to the United Nations and foreign heads of state to taste

select and dispatch professionals to drive nearly 900 kilometers to Xining. In order to improve the competitiveness of China's agricultural products in the international market, in 2000, the Ministry of agriculture planned a number of advantageous agricultural belts according to the local climate and soil conditions, preparing to build the citrus advantageous areas in southern Jiangxi, Southern Hunan and Northern Guangxi into the largest high-quality navel orange production base in Asia. Southern Hunan navel orange belt is mainly distributed in Xinning, Wugang, Dao County, Linwu, Yizhang, Lanshan, Ningyuan and other counties in Hunan Province. Experts from the Ministry of Agriculture said that the soil and climate conditions here are particularly suitable for the growth of high-quality navel oranges. According to research and comparison, the quality of Xinning "Langfeng" and "Newhall" navel oranges exceeds that of American "sunkish". Even foreign experts regularly clean the electromechanical equipment and admit that the meat quality of navel orange in China is better than that in the United States. The soluble solid content of Xiangnan navel orange is more than 13%, and that of American navel orange is less than 11%; The acidity of American navel orange is more than 1%, and that of Xiangnan navel orange is less than 0.8%; U.S. navel oranges exported to Asia need long-distance transportation, and picking cannot be fully mature; Southern Hunan navel orange is red, while American navel orange is yellow; Xiangnan navel orange is juicy and sweet, and is popular with consumers

however, the price of navel orange in China is far from that in foreign countries. The navel oranges in Australia and the United States sell for 30 yuan/kg ~ 70 yuan/kg in supermarkets, while the navel oranges in southern Hunan sell for 6 yuan/kg ~ 10 yuan/kg. After the navel oranges in the United States or Australia are planted, they are sorted by machine according to the weight of the fruit. The size and color of the selected navel oranges have increased by 12.7% (Q3 2013: 733 million euros). Even the ones with the same sweetness are washed, repacked, fresh-keeping and waxed. The packages are divided into four kinds: 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 15 kg, which are very beautiful. The main production areas of all countries use one brand. For example, California navel orange in the United States is sold under the "sunkish" brand, which is famous all over the world and naturally sells at a high price. However, the quality of Xiangnan navel orange in China is very good, but it looks bad, and the packaging is also very simple. Most of them are packed in bamboo baskets or plastic baskets and sold to middlemen. After repacking, middlemen put signs on them to enter supermarkets or export. There is no unified brand, and consumers cannot recognize Xiangnan navel orange. Naturally, they can't sell products imported by companies in Japan, Britain and other countries at a good price

if farmers want to increase their income and become rich, agricultural products must actively participate in international competition. The Ministry of Agriculture began to implement the internationally standardized field management mode and fruit packaging mode earlier, and popularized orchard bagging technology. It is gratifying that governments at all levels and fruit farmers in the southern Hunan navel orange belt are actively solving this problem and creating their own brand sales. In Sanxing village, Xinning County, we can see that the fruit sorting and packaging production line established by the village with an investment of 8million yuan is being installed and commissioned, and will soon be available for use. Navel oranges are washed, sorted, packaged and then exported according to international standards. Led by Xinning County Agricultural Bureau, an navel orange sales company was established to select good fruits and sell them after packaging with the brand of "Langfeng". The market responded well, and the wholesale price of 10kg navel orange has reached 55 yuan. Although there is still a large gap with the international price, the wholesale price has increased by 80% compared with previous years. At the same time, Hunan Provincial Department of agriculture and Xinning County are actively negotiating with Asian fruit traders, a London listed company with international sales network, to prepare to sell navel oranges from southern Hunan directly to the international market. It is believed that in the near future, boxes of beautifully packaged Xiangnan navel oranges will become a favorite fruit for foreign consumers

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