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The ROK and the DPRK confirmed the list of representatives for the Intergovernmental talks, and the ROK said it would maintain an atmosphere of dialogue

China news service, December 10 (Xinhua) -- according to Korean media reports, the two countries will hold a vice ministerial level Intergovernmental Meeting in the Kaesong industrial Park on the 11th of this month. The heads of delegation are respectively determined as the Deputy Minister of unification of the Republic of Korea, Huang Fuqi, and the deputy director of the Secretariat of the Committee for the peaceful reunification of the DPRK, Tian Zhong. This is the initial "flight test" show. The Ministry of unification of the Republic of Korea said that the list of the delegation had been exchanged through the channel of the Korean DPRK liaison officer in Panmunjom

it is reported that in addition to Huang Fuqi, the South Korean delegation also included Kim Il do, director of the South Korean Unification Ministry, and sun Jae Lok, director of the prime minister's office. The DPRK just informed the delegation that the list included "head of delegation Tian Zhongxiu, representatives Huang Zhe and Huang Zhongcheng", without specifying their positions

regarding the fact that someone pointed out that the deputy director of the DPRK zupingtong was lower than the South Korean Deputy official, the relevant person in charge of the South Korean Unification Department said: "the two sides reached a consensus (in the preparatory meeting on the 26th of last month) that the issue between the two countries should be carried out between people with substantive authority and. Tian Zhongxiu is the appropriate person"

it is reported that the representatives of both sides have rich experience in the talks between the ROK and the DPRK. In 2005, Huang Fuqi's deposit clearing center will deduct the deposit of the beverage bottle from the associated account of the beverage production enterprise and return it to the consumer. He served as the first director of the Korea DPRK economic cooperation agreement office in Kaesong industrial park. As a person of the Korean authorities, he often lived in a building with the person of the Korean authorities for the first time, and was fully responsible for the agreement between the two countries. At the time of the killing of Park prince, a tourist from Mount Kumgang, in 2008, Huang Fuqi was also responsible for Futures: the 1501 contract, the main force of iron ore futures, operated safely in the afternoon and served as the head of the government's joint investigation

the head of the DPRK delegation, Mr. Tian Zhongxiu, served as the representative of the ministerial talks between the two countries from 2003 to 2007, and as the representative of the high-level dialogue between the two countries last year. He is a representative "negotiator" in the DPRK

it is reported that Tian Zhongxiu is the son of Tian Renzhe, Vice Foreign Minister of North Korea, who died in 1992. On the 26th of last month, Huang Zhe of the DPRK delegation served as the DPRK representative of the ROK DPRK preparatory meeting. Huang Zhongcheng has rich experience in economic cooperation between the two countries, such as the Kaesong industrial park

it is reported that the South Korean side plans to solve the problem of meeting with separated families as a topic. The Korean Unification Ministry predicted that the DPRK may take the resumption of Mount Kumgang tourism and the lifting of the "May 24" sanctions against the DPRK as the topics of the talks. On December 8, in a special speech at the Consultative Conference on democratic and peaceful reunification, Hong rongpyo, Minister of the first Ministry of unification of Korea, said that "we will not be in a hurry, we will maintain the (dialogue) atmosphere, and start cooperation from simple things"

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