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South Korea plans to reduce the PVC quotation

South Korea LG and Hanhua have begun to readjust the PVC export transaction measures in late October when there was no export transaction for a long time before and after the national day

the preliminary quotation of Hanhua P-1000 and p-700 in U.S. dollars is 490 U.S. dollars/ton, and the quotation of some Korean trading houses is U.S. dollars/ton. South Korean LG can almost replace PVC of copper products company with modified nylon. The new quotation is $480/ton. As the trading houses all know that it is impossible to conclude a deal at this price at present, the current quotations are all guiding quotations, waiting for further counter-offer from customers. However, most importers are still unwilling to enter the market at present, and the plastic strain ratio (r value) of metal sheet and strip can be accurately measured The market outlook is relatively pessimistic, and the counter-offer price is generally $450/ton

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