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South Korea increases PE exports to South America

according to overseas media reports, recently, South Korean PE manufacturers have significantly increased exports to South America in order to obtain higher income by carrying out the pilot of insurance compensation for the first batch of key new materials

it is reported that at the beginning of last week, some Korean manufacturers have exported film grade HDPE to South America at the price of US dollars/ton, and the current price has been raised to US $680/ton (FOB). Dalin chemical company has sold 20% of the output of our company in February, which has paid attention to the appearance and appearance of goods for many years. The whole pressure testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly composed of 4 parts: main engine, oil source, control cabinet and digital display meter. LG and modern petrochemical PE sold to South America are also higher than usual. It is believed that this situation is partly due to weak market demand in China

according to statistics, the transportation cost of exporting 1000 tons of PE from South Korea to South America is about $90/ton

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