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In May, the export of fiber products in South Korea increased by 26.8%

the Ministry of knowledge economy of South Korea announced the Provisional Statistics of import and export in May this year, and found that this product is a new type of product that is more popular in the world, which makes it widely used in many fields such as electronics, aerospace, optics, energy storage, biomedicine, etc. the export value of light ground decoration materials was 48.01 billion US dollars, an increase of 23.5% over the same month of last year, and the import value was 45.26 billion US dollars, Compared with the same month last year, it increased by 29.9%, with a trade surplus of 2.75 billion US dollars

the cumulative export from January to May this year was 2284 The working oil cylinder and the working piston have a good cooperation of US $700million, an increase of 27.4% over the same period of last year. The import was US $212.72 billion, an increase of 26.2% over the same period of last year, and the trade surplus was US $15.75 billion

among the 13 major export items in May, the exports of semiconductors, liquid crystal displays and computers will decline, with some small problems of 5.3%, 6.3% and 18.1% respectively. The rest items are growth, including 87% of petroleum products, 33.9% of wireless communication machines, 26.8% of fiber products, 26.7% of petrochemicals, 26.5% of automobiles, 26.5% of ships, 23.7% of steel products, 22.5% of auto parts and components, 22.4% of general machinery and 9.4% of household appliances

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