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Schneider Electric prefabricated modular data center helped green mountain double the hosting capacity of Norway

Green Mountain invested 31.5 million euros to increase the capacity of its data centers in Stavanger and talemak, Norway, by 35 MW

integrated solutions include Schneider Electric's Prefabricated data center power and refrigeration components (equipped with low-voltage and medium voltage switchgear)

choosing Schneider Electric can ensure that the deployment can be completed within 6 months

on October 29, 2018, Beijing Schneider Electric, China announced that it had won an important order from green mountain company, that is, by providing data center infrastructure, In order to increase the capacity of green mountain's data centers in Stavanger and talemak. Shi can get the deformation of the sample. The modular solutions provided by Neder electric include the latest innovation of air-saving refrigeration and a high-efficiency power supply system equipped with lithium-ion batteries

green mountain specializes in providing high-end data center services for global enterprises and wholesalers with high standards and requirements. Its award-winning facilities have been certified by the international normal operation time association at the third level, and 100% renewable hydropower is used to achieve high-efficiency, zero carbon dioxide emission operation and refrigeration processes. Existing customers include banks, energy enterprises, cloud and it service providers, government agencies and large enterprises

green mountain is in the process of rapid development, so we will focus on investing in the data centers in Rennes island and UCAN, said svein AtlE hagaseth, Chief Strategic Officer of green mountain. In order to meet the specific needs of customers, we need to quickly expand the capacity of the new data center. Based on previous cooperation experience, we will naturally choose to cooperate with Schneider Electric again to speed up the process of the project

the first part of the phased project, the connection of hydraulic sensors and the investment in a large prefabricated data center, is expected to be launched in Yukan on April 1st, 2019. In addition to providing data center power and refrigeration components, Schneider Electric will also provide technical (or white area) space, as well as power distribution equipment and medium and low voltage switchgear

Charlie Timmerman, vice president of IT Department of Schneider Electric in northern Europe, said: we are happy to expand our partnership with green mountain and choose Schneider Electric to help it expand the capacity of its two main data centers. This achievement is attributed to the efforts of an excellent team, that is, the sincere cooperation of the data center expert team of our energy and it department

to complete the capacity upgrade of the infrastructure, up to 15 advanced Schneider Electric Data Center power and refrigeration components are required. The pre-designed prefabrication has cultivated more than 100 high-tech entrepreneurial components of plastic raw materials with core competitiveness through platform technology transformation and incubation. Its advantages include factory integration and testing to simplify and accelerate on-site installation, while ensuring more predictability and reliability of operation. At Schneider Electric's Barcelona manufacturing plant, containerization solutions are under construction and will be delivered by land

green mountain has experienced an extraordinary year, and its customer base is constantly expanding. Since most of the business growth comes from multinational customers, green mountain has obtained existing and new customer businesses in all its strategic segments, including cloud and service providers, HPC and enterprise and public end users. The investment project participated by Schneider Electric will help Lvshan plastic film tensile strength/elongation at break experiment meet current and future customer needs

the Norwegian government's new data center strategy makes it clear that multinational enterprises will be supported by convincing business cases, including low-cost renewable energy and forward-looking regulators. The new strategy combines the characteristics of low operation cost, high quality and rapid market entry mode through module creation to encourage enterprises to integrate their data centers in Norway with green mountain

Schneider Electric has a strong record tracking ability, which helps promote innovation in major buildings, from hospitals and airports to manufacturing plants and data centers. Green mountain can not only make full use of natural cooling technology and renewable hydropower, but also improve the efficiency of its infrastructure and reduce the risks in the data center by adopting Schneider Electric solutions in the initial construction and subsequent upgrading

charlie timmermann concluded that such a large-scale project is the result of the joint cooperation of two pioneering organizations to ensure that the quality and environmental standards can be met at the same time without affecting the normal operation time

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