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Schneider Electric released a predictive asset analysis suite software solution tailored for the power generation industry

on October 27, 2016, experts in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation in Beijing, China, construction engineers can reduce the number of fixing bolts required. Today, Schneider Electric released a new industry solution tailored for the power generation industry: predictive asset analysis software suite. Through this industry solution based on avantis presm, power equipment operators can minimize unplanned downtime, promote cross departmental cooperation, and enhance operational sensitivity. This asset performance management solution can improve safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable operation efficiency, build a digital system, and transform business value

equipment suppliers have been seeking to reduce the frequency of downtime, continuously minimize production costs, optimize load management, and improve customer satisfaction. The predictive asset analysis software suite provides a closed-loop performance management system for the power generation industry, analyzes the cause and effect of deviations from the expected value of equipment in real-time performance, and formulates equipment knowledge templates for future use based on the analysis results. The two ends are squeezed. Therefore, when the inconsistent event occurs again, the problem can be handled faster with the least analysis time. The collection of this kind of information will become proprietary knowledge for cost-benefit analysis, so as to deal with potential unplanned downtime more intelligently

the predictive asset analysis software suite for the power generation industry is part of Schneider Electric's enterprise asset performance management platform. The software uses intelligent technology to narrow the gap between skills and processes, and combines advanced predictive analysis with decision support through knowledge management. 3 Tls-s (1~20) I double digital display spring tension and compression testing machine maximizes the availability of assets. This solution can provide a data analysis and reporting system with simple operation and rich content, integrate the information flow, and optimize the user experience through an intuitive user interface. In addition, through digital operation and decision support knowledge, power generation operators will have more new opportunities to realize the transformation of business and human resources

xuzhe, general manager of Schneider Electric China software business, said: power generation operators must strengthen cross departmental cooperation, create the demand for a single fact among all stakeholders, and improve the management ability of multi system information, personnel information, and process information. The predictive asset analysis software suite can connect multiple systems and operating environments, realize information sharing, ensure the accuracy of the process, and ultimately simplify the collaborative decision-making process

since the end of the 19th century, Schneider Electric has cooperated with power suppliers to provide reliable electricity for families and enterprises. The predictive asset analysis software suite is based on equipment knowledge, adds pricing options for the payment model, and will bundle customer first maintenance and support projects. Therefore, power generation operators can integrate intelligent information into the process, digitize knowledge, and achieve and maintain excellent operation

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