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Schneider Electric made its debut at the 2018 (13th) China International Wine and beverage manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition

Shanghai, China. Today, October 23, 2018, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, made a grand appearance at the 2018 (13th) China International Wine and beverage manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, which included the MES production execution management system A series of professional solutions including EMS energy management system, CIP cleaning consultant and packaging automation. Through this exhibition, Schneider Electric hopes to rely on its in-depth insight and leading technological advantages in the alcohol, beverage, dairy production and OEM industry to accelerate the enabling customers to achieve a high-performance, flexible and customized production mode, help them improve operational efficiency, health and safety and sustainable development, and better meet the challenges of digital transformation

a full range of solutions aim at new challenges in the industry

with consumption upgrading, the food and beverage industry market is growing, but it is also facing many challenges and changes. For example, in the field of alcohol and soft drinks manufacturing, the demand for high-end secondary packaging equipment has increased significantly due to the improvement of labor costs and the requirements of factory operation efficiency. For example, robots used for picking, packing, stacking and other functions are increasingly used in packaging production, and many load sensors with poor quality happen to be on the line with less than 10% error

in the process of digital transformation, many customers are also increasingly concerned about how to improve the performance and efficiency of the whole packaging line with the help of digital and intelligent means. In order to cope with the changing needs of the end market, wine and dairy production enterprises often face the production requirements of flexible customization, and there is an urgent need to achieve flexible production. Many customers also face efficiency bottlenecks caused by opaque production processes, information islands between production processes and equipment, and breakthroughs and upgrades to these problems are imperative

in response to these needs, Schneider Electric exhibited professional solutions for the food and beverage industry, such as MES production execution management system, EMS energy management system, CIP cleaning consultant and high-performance packaging automation, to meet the comprehensive needs of the wine and beverage industry, dairy industry and its OEM industry. Based on the three-tier architecture of ecostruxure platform, these solutions can not only improve the performance and performance of all production links, but also help customers effectively eliminate information islands, improve the transparency of the production process, and provide decision-making basis for enterprises to improve operational efficiency

mes, EMS and CIP advisor should meet the needs of intelligent manufacturing upgrading of alcohol and beverage enterprises

for the intelligent manufacturing upgrading needs of wine and beverage and dairy production enterprises, Schneider Electric's MES production execution management system, EMS energy management system, CIP cleaning consultant and other solutions are on display at the right time

as one of the cores of the third layer of analysis, application and service of ecostruxure, Schneider Electric's MES production execution management system in the food and beverage industry on display this time is a lean MES production execution management system for measuring the hardness of each component phase in the metal organization, which is guided by lean management and oriented to smart factories. It can help enterprises realize flexible manufacturing and customized production, And realize the efficient and sustainable development of enterprise management through the strong control of the production process. In production, this system can be used as the core of efficient collaborative management to help production managers complete the unified arrangement and scheduling of tasks, turn tasks into work orders, and send them to the corresponding operators, so as to achieve accurate guidance and accurate traceability of the production process

Schneider Electric's EMS energy management system and CIP cleaning consultant are solutions that cover the full three-tier architecture of the ecostruxure platform. Among them, the core of EMS energy management system customized for the wine and dairy industry is the analysis and calculation of big data. It includes modules such as energy prediction, planning, performance, cost, performance and quality, covering almost all the daily work needs of enterprise energy management departments. Through the energy management system, managers can see the assessment data of the energy consumption KPI of the current shift within one minute after the end of a shift, such as the comprehensive energy consumption of a single ton of the shift, the power consumption of a single ton of production, the energy efficiency evaluation of important energy consuming equipment, the comprehensive energy consumption per unit output of each production line, and even the energy consumption of each batch of products

cip cleaning consultant solution can help the factory monitor the whole CIP (cleaning) process, monitor and measure parameters such as valve, flow, conductivity and temperature, and visually restore the whole cleaning process through curve, so as to help users analyze unnecessary waste, and appropriately adjust the time point of valve opening and closing, so as to quickly and effectively reduce the waste of chemical agents and water

high performance packaging automation solutions help OEMs build flexible production lines

for the needs of OEMs of wine and dairy products, Schneider Electric also exhibited leading high-performance packaging automation solutions to improve machine performance and operation efficiency, and reduce design and development time and energy consumption

this solution is based on the pacdrive3 platform, which can integrate motion control, logic control and it information functions into the same platform, and realize the modularization of machine design and reduce the engineering design time through the fully integrated software architecture. The scheme also integrates the manipulator control function, so that customers can seamlessly integrate the manipulator into the packaging production line, saving the integration cost. High performance packaging solutions can make customers' packaging lines run more efficiently and flexibly, and can cope with the rapid switching of multi variety and small batch production

high performance packaging automation solutions also reflect many advantages of ecostruxure platform. At the product level of interconnection, Schneider Electric can realize intelligent interconnection by providing customers with human-computer interaction, motor protection, sensors, frequency converters, servo systems, parallel manipulators and other products. For example, the first service-oriented ATV Yucheng series inverter in the industry, with built-in Ethernet communication technology, can view the operation status, operation parameters and energy consumption of the inverter anytime and anywhere through a web browser, and is seamlessly integrated into the controller

in the edge control layer of ecostruxure, Schneider Electric can provide deformation strengthening of Modicon metal. There are brand PLC in the process from yield limit to fracture, including Epac, m241/m251 and pacdrive3 controllers. These controllers are widely used in the field of process automation and machine automation of beverage production line to ensure the stable, safe and reliable operation of the production line. On this basis, Schneider Electric also provides SCADA software based on production line to collect relevant data of machine operation, which provides a basis for data analysis and decision-making at the top level of ecostruxure

relying on the ecostruxure architecture to empower industry customers, we can make progress in transformation and upgrading.

at the exhibition site, Schneider Electric specially set up an interactive experience area to display solutions. If the experimental product list 1 allows customers to experience the application of MES production execution management system, EMS energy management system, CIP cleaning consultant, SCADA software and machine automation solutions in the wine and beverage industry, dairy industry and OEM industry. Code scanning interaction and other activities were also set up on site to better understand the practical needs of industry users

in this regard, pangxingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of China's industrial division, said: Schneider Electric has long focused on the deep cultivation of the food and beverage field. We have maintained long-term cooperative relations with dozens of industry brand customers at home and abroad, and can flexibly provide solutions that meet customer needs and keep pace with the times. Today, we hope to rely on the unique potential of ecostruxure architecture to digitally empower more customers from the wine and dairy industry and jointly cope with new challenges on the road of transformation and upgrading

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