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Schneider Electric released struxureware Data Center Operation Management Suite version 7.2 with new it optimization function

China industrial control industrial control information Schneider Electric released struxureware Data Center Operation Management Suite version 7.2 with new it optimization function

server use and supervision, automatic identification of IT assets, genome data management library and other functions to help data center managers optimize server level, cabinet level Operation efficiency at row level and even room level

Beijing, China, July 19, 2012 Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, recently announced the launch of struxureware data center operation v7.2. As a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software, the suite can detect underutilized and sleeping servers to help improve the efficiency of IT equipment in the data center. The new operation management platform also adds an it energy consumption control module driven by Intel data center management platform (DCM). In addition, the suite also uses the Cisco UCS manager plug-in to help upgrade the software

Dr. Huang CHENHONG, senior vice president of APC global and President of Greater China under Schneider Electric, said: at present, enterprises are actively exploring opportunities to optimize data centers by reasonably planning the size of data centers, integrating infrastructure, optimizing it physical layers and other means. Struxureware Data Center Operation Management Suite version 7.2 can provide crucial decision-making information for improving the operation efficiency of the data center. The platform allows data center managers to comprehensively control, monitor, analyze and optimize the energy efficiency of the data center, from the entire data center to each server and CPU, so as to significantly save capital expenditure and operating expenditure and prolong the service life of the data center

struxureware Data Center Operation Management Suite version 7.2 focuses on the actual it energy consumption rather than the nameplate power, reducing the power and cooling demand of the data center, thus helping customers realize the optimization of the IT level of the data center. The software platform also provides real-time reports of the equipment with the largest energy consumption, and provides data center managers with a list of servers that may need to be upgraded, load shared or eliminated, as well as reports on the utilization of services such as Yantai Wanhua, kostron, BASF, Dow Chemical, etc., so as to avoid the blind expansion of servers and improve the return on investment

The new functions of struxureware Data Center Operation Management Suite version 7.2 include:

monitoring it energy consumption and server utilization: helping to judge the practicality of all it equipment, optimizing server utilization, and maximizing the IT capacity at the cabinet, row, and room levels of the data center

tracking servers with low utilization rate: the tensile winding film tensile testing machine of Tongji New Era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly used for the transportation and packaging of indirect contact food. Its excellent creep resistance and extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) bring excellent dimensional stability. The tensile performance of the tensile winding film has been tested to reduce unnecessary servers and maximize energy efficiency and cabinet capacity, So as to reduce the operation cost of the data center

allocate server usage costs: enable enterprises to understand the it costs of different departments and allocate them to each department, so as to support the accurate billing of physical or virtual servers

automatic identification of IT assets: it can effectively save time and improve the accuracy of the list of managed assets

automatic association: the discovered it equipment and its asset list can be automatically associated according to the manufacturer's accuracy, model, IP address and other attributes

monitor it assets: continuously discover and monitor it components by adopting standard protocols to achieve accurate asset management

genome database: by constantly updating the database, the software can judge the energy consumption of equipment without the help of hardware sensors

data center management report, covering relevant information reports including servers with low utilization, maximum energy consumption equipment and KPI data

in order to provide customers with the most comprehensive DCIM suite in the industry, Schneider Electric has added a series of advanced automation functions in struxureware version 7.2 to track equipment from any manufacturer and centrally report to a unified system. At the same time, struxureware version 7.2 integrates with Cisco and VMware systems, and adopts Intel IT energy consumption control technology, which greatly improves its flexibility and is applicable to any data center

the it energy consumption control function implemented by Intel DCM platform can provide real-time energy consumption and heat dissipation data at the server level of the data center. Based on this function, struxureware version 7.2 can submit comprehensive energy consumption and heat dissipation information to data center managers

Jeff Klaus, head of Intel data center management solutions business department, pointed out that Intel DCM platform enables the it energy consumption control module of struxureware data center management platform to monitor the energy consumption and heat dissipation of more servers and it equipment in a shorter time. The technical integration and cooperation between Schneider Electric and Intel DCM platform should dispel the doubts of large enterprise data centers that once held a wait-and-see attitude towards DCIM technology

in addition to integrating the existing VMware vSphere platform, struxureware version 7.2 also adds a Cisco UCS manager plug-in, which sets a plug and play configuration option for Cisco UCS customers, provides automatic device list, active warning function, and real-time data showing Cisco UCS energy consumption, CPU utilization, memory utilization, etc. The plug-in allows customers to set the upper limit of energy consumption of cabinets according to the real-time physical capacity limit information, so as to ensure a reasonable match between power load and refrigeration load, optimize the utilization of physical infrastructure, avoid over configuration, and improve the flexibility of customer data centers

as a part of struxureware data center software suite, struxureware version 7.2 is now available to the global market. Schneider Electric is located in the group headquarters in ruel Malmaison, France, and the Schneider Electric Technology Center in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, which can provide demonstration products of struxureware data center management platform

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