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Schneider Electric participated in the ODVA energy utilization optimization scheme forum

Shanghai, China. On October 20, 2011, global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric recently participated in the ODVA (open network equipment supplier Association) energy utilization optimization scheme forum. As one of the core members of ODVA, Schneider participated in the forum and delivered relevant keynote speeches, introducing and sharing Schneider's Ethernet based collaborative automation control system to the industry, so as to better help enterprises achieve energy conservation and efficiency, and achieve safe, reliable, efficient, green and productive energy utilization for industrial users

at the ODVA energy utilization optimization program forum, Schneider Electric highlighted and shared the ecostruxure energy efficiency management platform and its important component plantstruxure collaborative automation control system. The ecostruxure energy efficiency management platform launched by Schneider Electric ensures the compatibility, collaboration and use of professional experience in five business areas (power management, it management, building management, security management, industrial process and equipment management), enhances customer experience, and saves up to 30% of capital. The parameter expenditure and operating cost of high-end models are selected for the production materials of the experimental machine of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd, Based on the open, transparent and advanced Ethernet communication technology ethernet/ip, it helps customers calmly cope with energy challenges. As an important part of ecostruxure energy efficiency management platform, its plantstruxure collaborative screw zigzag automatic control system is an open and collaborative solution, which solves the challenge of connecting process automation and energy management with enterprise systems, and helps enterprises realize sustainable, efficient and environment-friendly industrial active energy efficiency management. Plantstruxure collaborative automation control system has been successfully applied to the contract energy management project of Shanxi coal industry and the EMS project of an iron and Steel Group in Hebei

many enterprises have recognized the urgent need for energy conservation and efficiency increase, but the uncertain return on investment risk, the shortage of funds required for energy-saving projects, and doubts about the energy-saving effect and its sustainability often deter them from energy conservation and efficiency increase. Lu bode, general manager of the control and architecture product marketing department of Schneider Electric industry, especially the automotive industry division, pointed out at the forum that the key to achieving sustainable energy conservation and efficiency increase in the industrial field lies in the understanding, control and optimization of process technology. Schneider Electric will meet the needs of customers for energy conservation and efficiency increase in the most effective way. By providing the best professional technology, we can help enterprises achieve energy-saving goals, ensure normal production, improve energy management capacity and process efficiency, and achieve sustainable development. In addition, Schneider Electric also provides financing support to ensure that customers receive reliable financial returns and provide long-term, sustainable and perfect services

Schneider Electric joined ODVA in 2007 and has always been a member of the core committee to continuously promote the influence of ODVA technology and standards in China and the Asia Pacific region. The addition of Schneider Electric has promoted the integration of modbus/tcp and ethernet/ip, which not only brings more flexible choices to customers, but also puts the interests of customers in the first place and protects the investment of existing users. In the future, Schneider Electric will integrate the existing Ethernet standards and technical specifications with energy efficiency management to help customers better realize energy optimization. At the same time, we will cooperate with ODVA members to develop new technical standards and new communication specifications, which will be applied to the field of OEM mechanical equipment manufacturers to achieve new breakthroughs in the field of energy conservation and efficiency increase

odva is an international organization composed of leading automation enterprises all over the world. Together with its members, ODVA provides network technical support based on general industrial protocol (CIP). These networking technologies currently include DeviceNet, ethernet/ip, componet, and CIP safety, CIP sync, and CIP motion, which are derived from CIP extensions

about Schneider Electric

global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric provides overall solutions for the energy and infrastructure, industry, data center and network, building and residential markets in more than 100 countries, among which it is a world leader in the markets of energy and infrastructure, industrial process control, building automation and data center and network, and also has strong market capacity in the field of residential applications. Committed to providing customers with safe, reliable and efficient energy, Schneider Electric had sales of 19.6 billion euros in 2010 and more than 110000 employees. Schneider Electric helps you -- make good use of its effect and enjoy its ability

About Schneider Electric China, Schneider Electric established its first joint venture in China in 1987. At present, it has 15000 employees, 77 offices, 22 factories, 6 logistics centers, 1 Research Institute, 3 global R & D centers, 1 Laboratory, 500 distributors and sales networks all over the country

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