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Schneider Electric launched the medium voltage gasholder GM airset, with sulfur hexafluoride free technology to help the green future

take dry air as the insulating gas to boost the leap forward development of the industry in terms of sustainability, health and safety

the digital function enables electric and commercial applications to enjoy the benefits of data and stimulate infinite energy efficiency potential

strictly implement the unified technical requirements of electric companies and achieve high-level electrical performance and safety upgrading

Beijing, China, On February 10, 2020, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, launched a medium pressure gasholder GM airset with SF6 free technology. This landmark medium voltage primary distribution cabinet, by using dry air instead of sulfur hexafluoride gas as insulating gas, combined with vacuum arc extinguishing technology, enables users to more safely and sustainably use digital technology to unlock data value, effectively control carbon emissions and cost-effectiveness, meet the country's high demand for clean and low-carbon, and ensure high requirements for low-temperature operation Diversified energy demand

since the 1960s, gas insulated switchgear has been widely used in substations, distribution stations, infrastructure, industry, transportation industry, water treatment and many other fields. With the continuous emergence of new energy production methods and consumption patterns, and the gradual development of the energy industry in the direction of green, low-carbon, efficient interconnection, many industries have put forward higher requirements for switchgear, such as green environmental protection, intelligence, miniaturization, maintenance free and so on. As an expert in the field of medium and low voltage power distribution, Schneider Electric has been committed to the research of sulfur hexafluoride alternative technology since 2009, hoping to provide enterprises with green, environmental protection and sustainable solutions to help them better cope with environmental challenges. GM airset launched this time is one of the innovative achievements

gm airset is an upgraded version of Schneider Electric GMA environment-friendly inflatable switchgear. Its rated current can reach 1250A and breaking current can reach 31.5KA. It has many qualities, such as environmental protection, economy, safety, reliability, flexibility and ease of use. At the same time, GM airset has a variety of application schemes, including circuit breaker cabinet, bus coupler cabinet, metering cabinet, Pt cabinet and isolation cabinet. It can also be equipped with various comprehensive protection devices, which can be used in substations and distribution stations, government agencies, petrochemical industry, large-scale commercial construction, rail transit, overseas general contracting and other industries, and can continuously distribute stable electric energy

dry air insulation is green and environmentally friendly: dry air is a more environmentally friendly, safe and ideal sulfur hexafluoride alternative than other unproven gases, and it is the best insulating gas. GM airset uses dry air to replace sulfur hexafluoride in traditional gas switchgear, which can not only reduce carbon emissions throughout the life cycle, but also ensure the safety of personnel and assets. This has greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions and brought a new direction for the green and low-carbon development of the industry; The more perfect medium and low voltage integrated green solution helps enterprises create safe and reliable electricity and realize stable and continuous power supply from the whole life cycle. At the same time, GM airset uses a small amount of plastic and synthetic chemical materials, and all materials can be recycled, which is environmentally friendly

digital technology empowerment: GM airset can also carry many digital technologies of Schneider Electric, which can unlock data value for users and bring more benefits. For example, the sensors used for condition monitoring can be connected to the conditioning switch power supply zero line and live line, which can provide data to complex analysis tools (such as the analysis tools provided by Schneider Electric's powerful ecostruxure architecture and platform), so as to unlock predictive and preventive asset management functions. It is worth mentioning that based on the ecostruxure platform, Schneider Electric can fully integrate it and OT, help customers realize the integration of existing business and IOT technology, and provide a solid interconnection infrastructure and data for the interconnection of power distribution. 1. Horizontal dual station structure: it has a simple source structure, efficient asset management and strong data collection, monitoring and analysis capabilities and tools, as well as corresponding applications, and enjoys the benefits of digitalization, Stimulate unlimited energy efficiency potential

safe and reliable without hidden dangers: GM airset strictly implements the unified technical requirements of the electric company, realizes high-level electrical performance and safety upgrading, and sets a new benchmark for health and safety. Parallel vacuum breaking technology, with strong safety and reliability; Its unique zero gauge voltage breaking technology can ensure the safe withdrawal of operation and maintenance personnel in case of failure; GM airset fully meets the five prevention interlocking requirements. The gas pressure of each equipment is visible, and the pressure signal can be uploaded optionally, reducing the risk of gas leakage; GM airset adopts advanced all gas insulation technology, so pollution, condensation and high environmental humidity can't hurt it at all, let alone cause related faults

small size and convenient installation: GM airset has simple and compact design, fully aligned front panel, beautiful appearance, small size and less land occupation, which is very suitable for reconstruction projects with limited space; And its expansion method is quite ingenious, which can be extended to both sides arbitrarily, and can meet the needs of different customers. At the same time, GM airset adopts plug-in design, which can be installed quickly without gas operation on site; Its cable connection space is large, the installation method is flexible, and the sleeve CT can be installed, which reduces the secondary wiring, makes the operation and maintenance convenient, conforms to the use habits of power users, and also saves labor costs significantly

Schneider Electric GM airset medium voltage primary inflatable cabinet

in the middle of this year, Schneider Electric will also officially launch SM airset and RM airset, which apply SF6 free technology, expand the application scope of SF6 free technology, help users reduce carbon emissions and improve economic benefits

air is the best insulating gas. Schneider Electric has successfully developed a future oriented gas insulated switchgear technology without sulfur hexafluoride because it reduces the external interference affecting the internal circuit of components, meeting the technical pursuit of green, low-carbon and sustainable development of the industry. Xushaofeng, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of energy efficiency management medium voltage business in China, said that in the future, Schneider Electric will continue to strengthen its advantages and capabilities in intelligent power distribution, work with upstream and downstream partners in the power industry, enable first-class power distribution construction with innovative digital technology, and make positive contributions to the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system in China, Provide a strong driving force for the digital upgrading of the power industry

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