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Liu Huatao of Schneider Electric: let the green energy management win-win plan become the gathering place of innovative power

today, Liu Huatao, director of strategy and development of low-voltage business of Schneider electric energy management, said at the Schneider Electric 2021 summit to promote sustainability and accelerate digital innovation that in order to build a diversified clean energy system, promote electrification and energy conservation at both ends of supply and demand, Open cooperation and demand-based technological innovation will become the necessary support

Liu Huatao said: meeting the diversified needs of customers through innovative ways is an important part of Schneider Electric's strategy to strengthen the local ecosystem. In order to help more customers solve practical needs and expand the scope of cooperation with local enterprises, Schneider Electric officially launched the green energy management win-win plan today, aiming to find Chinese scientific and technological innovation enterprises with innovative solutions in the fields of smart energy, smart management, digital services, etc., and even carbon fiber has always been "on camera" to help them meet the needs of front-line customers and further improve the ability of technology and solution integration, And finally form a highly available, replicable and industry-leading innovative solution for green energy management

Liu Huatao, director of low voltage business strategy and development of Schneider Electric Energy Management

the green energy management win-win plan has four stages: demand research, recruitment screening, CO creation and co research of Jinan experimental machine without zero operation, demonstration and selection. With the official release of the green energy management win-win plan, the event will officially enter the recruitment stage. Chinese science and technology innovation enterprises can register through the event officer before June 20. On July 2, the preliminary screening of the network and the review of the expert group were completed, and the enterprises that can enter the green energy management win-win plan were finally determined. Enterprises entering the acceleration camp will receive the training, product guidance and industry experience sharing provided by many expert tutors of Schneider Electric and the co organizer, and enter the customer's enterprises to exchange and communicate their needs. In the later stage, they will rely on the product/platform resources of Schneider Electric and the co organizer to design a set of special devices to create a PoC scheme and verify it. Once the scheme is recognized by customers, these high-quality innovative enterprises will have the opportunity to obtain direct investment from Schneider Electric, and then jointly explore more business opportunities worldwide. Liu Huatao said: innovation and cooperation have always been the reason for Schneider Electric: an important development strategy, and the green energy management win-win plan, will become the gathering place of innovative power in the field of energy management. We look forward to working with these innovative glimmers to achieve efficient and sustainable highlights and create a new green future

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