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Schneider Electric PowerLogic ion9000 power quality monitoring device won the 2021 "engineer selection Award"

China industrial control industrial control information Schneider Electric PowerLogic ion9000 power quality monitoring device won the 2021 "engineer selection Award" "

Beijing, China, March 1, 2021 recently, the highly anticipated 2021 engineer selection award list was officially announced. Schneider Electric, a global expert in digital transformation in the field of energy management and automation, won the honor of power protection category with the PowerLogic ion9000 power quality monitoring device, which fully demonstrates Schneider Electric's leading position in the field of advanced power quality measurement and precision instruments, and reflects the importance of power quality in The importance of ensuring power reliability and availability has been widely valued by the market

the engineer selection award was initiated by the magazine control engineering and has been held for 34 consecutive years. This year, a total of 21 categories of awards were selected, including the use of control and instrument buttons, the automatic shutdown when the mobile board reaches the upper and lower limit positions, and automatic products. All awards were selected by users in related fields to commend these enterprises for their continuous innovation and improvement of product performance and functions, Help various manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and automation system integrators to improve efficiency and agility, as well as the reliability and availability of equipment and energy, so as to adapt to today's more complex global economy and fierce competitive environment

with the increasing proportion of renewable energy applications and the increasing requirements of users in various industries for power supply continuity, more and more attention is being paid to how to ensure a high degree of power reliability and availability. Among them, higher power quality, as an important symbol of high-performance power, is receiving more and more attention from users, which is monitored and protected by higher precision measurement technology and more advanced digital technology, Obviously, it can better meet the needs of users

as a typical representative of Schneider Electric's ecostruxure power distribution architecture interconnection products, the PowerLogic ion9000 power quality monitoring device, which won the power protection engineer selection award this time, integrates Schneider Electric's innovative design concept and decades of application experience, has 0.1s ultra-high precision certified by the third party of the world's highest precision standard, and the design strictly conforms to the network safety certification standard, It can be integrated with the existing security driver structure to minimize key power assets and system vulnerabilities, and the embedded encryption chip can ensure data and information security; Its modular and adaptive design can flexibly respond to today's rapidly changing electricity demand, and can respond to changes in the power system at any time with the programmability of the unique prefabricated ion architecture

with the high-precision measurement function, and based on the ecostruxu (right 1) Richard northcotere POW lower cost Er architecture of new plastic packaging materials and new technologies, Schneider Electric PowerLogic ion9000 can be applied to key places including utilities such as power and natural gas, petrochemical industry, energy, hospitals, etc., combined with edge control software such as pme/pso power management system, Fe Qianliyan operation and maintenance experts, and more expert level consultant applications, Make full use of data, reduce the impact of bad power quality, extend the service life of equipment, timely and quickly restore power supply, further realize predictive operation and maintenance, optimize operation and maintenance quality, reduce energy and labor costs, and create a safe, reliable, efficient and compliant price. Add a DC input signal (through the workstation) value to the amplifier unit to highly ensure the normal operation of all kinds of power systems

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