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Schneider Electric launched ten typical 5g application scenarios

Beijing, China. At present, on February 8, 2021, the global 5g commercial deployment has entered a critical year. However, how various industries grasp the major opportunities brought by 5g commercial in practical applications and accelerate the process of industrial digitization remains to be explored. As a digital transformation expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, Schneider Electric, together with the China Academy of communications and communications, the IOT think tank and leading information and communication infrastructure providers, jointly held the first Schneider Electric leadership cup 5g application scenario solicitation activity, gathering the strength of the ecosystem to explore more 5g industrial application scenarios

the solicitation ended at the end of January. A total of 37 industrial application scenarios from all walks of life were solicited, and ten excellent scenarios were selected, which fully demonstrated the value of 5g technology in transforming traditional industry networks, optimizing production processes, helping enterprises reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency, and realize green and energy-saving development

5g technology has three advantages: ultra-high rate, ultra-low delay and ultra-high density. The combination of these advantages and industrial interconnection will bring a leap in quality, efficiency and flexibility to enterprises and accelerate the digitalization process. 5g's massive connectivity, low latency and high reliability make it an accelerator for industrial digitalization, said pangxingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of industrial automation business in China. However, the practical application of this it technology in industrial sites is worth exploring. One of Schneider Electric's advantages is our in-depth understanding of industrial scenarios, Understanding the industry can ensure the accuracy of cement strength inspection and experiment, and point out the needs of cement production customers

Xiong Yi, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of strategy and development department in China, compared 5g technology to expressway. He said that only when the road is repaired, we need to find suitable application scenarios to give full play to the value of expressway. This is one of the core contents of Schneider Electric's strategy for the next three years, that is, to promote the application of new technologies in the industrial field, so as to promote the digital transformation of enterprises

after layers of selection and the joint discussion of seven internal and external expert judges, the top ten excellent scenes came to the fore. These scenes come from all walks of life, involving traditional heavy industries such as chemical industry and lifting, discrete manufacturing, municipal administration, as well as emerging logistics, photovoltaic, smart agriculture and other fields. 5g technology is targeted to solve the problems faced by various industries, and provide more forward-looking and creative inspiration for the empowerment of 5g industry

among them, the flexible production line scheme based on 5g+ open control system has been highly recognized by the jury group. At present, the traditional manufacturing industry mostly constructs the communication system based on the wired network and sets a target temperature and humidity point system, which easily leads to the problems of poor adjustability of the layout of the production line, complex connection and low reusability. The deployment based on flexible production line can flexibly reorganize the whole production line according to the order requirements, so as to maximize efficiency. This scenario has great reference significance for multi variety and small batch discrete factories

industrialized cultivation of 5g edible fungi is a typical application of 5g technology enabled smart agriculture. The project solves the problems of large number of equipment, high cost of optical fiber laying and slow laying speed in traditional edible fungus planting factories. The data of the whole plant is summarized through 5g+plc, and the growth process of edible fungi is summarized through AI big data analysis, which is used to continuously optimize the parameters of equipment control. The project is conducive to creating a closed-loop production environment, improving the output of edible fungi and optimizing their quality. The industrial planting of 5g edible fungi started the first shot of 5g technology entering the potential segmentation industry, and provided an example for the intelligent and sophisticated development of the segmentation industry in the future

in addition, the remote control of 5g tower crane builds a remote operation control platform through the information interaction between the 5g communication field information acquisition system and the remote control system, which greatly reduces the safety risk and greatly improves the driver's working environment; The motion servo control system based on 5g solves the problem of machine damage caused by frequent movement in the process of motion control by studying the combination of 5g and communication; The replicable application scenarios such as 5g three-dimensional storage application, 5g unmanned driving application in steel plants, unattended distribution station application, 5g application in long-distance heating in municipal areas, 5g engine production line MES data acquisition in the automotive industry, monocrystalline silicon production monitoring, etc. also stand out in many proposals. The application of these scenarios - coating, mechanical cutting and other aspects of making various parts have solved the long-standing user pain points in the industry and accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the industry; On the other hand, these schemes can bring different innovations and attempts to practitioners in the future business, and even directly replicate and promote them

the data recently released by the State Council office shows that by 2020, the number of 5g terminal connections in China has exceeded 200million, and many industries have seized the major opportunities brought by 5g commerce to speed up the process of industrial digitalization; There are more than 1100 5g+ industrial interconnection projects. In general, the important role of 5g enabling entities in benefiting the society and serving the people has been continuously highlighted, and has increasingly become an important driving force supporting high-quality economic development. Schneider Electric hopes to give full play to its advantages in the industrial field, further expand the combination of 5g, automation and intelligent manufacturing and industrial application scenarios, so that more enterprises can share the digital dividends brought by 5g, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises

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