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Schneider Electric's new energy layout speeds up

Guide: from the terminator of China's power distribution knife switch era at that time to today's energy efficiency management experts, driven by the low-carbon boom, today's Schneider Electric has already directly targeted the hot smart electricity market in the Chinese market

at 7 o'clock in the morning, the lights at the head of the bed slowly turn on, and the sound systems in the bathroom, bedroom and living room turn on radio broadcasts. Then, the curtain is automatically opened, and the air conditioning system has adjusted the appropriate temperature. Before going out, you can check the weather and traffic information on the touch screen at the door. While pressing the goodbye button, the garage door slowly opens, the lighting and other electrical appliances in the house are closed one by one, and the curtains in the room are covered one by one. At this time, the residential alarm system is turned on?? All this is the mission Schneider will complete in the future

French enterprises are better at creating romance than they know romance. As one of the world's top 500 enterprises, Schneider Electric has completed the transformation from the steel industry to the promotion of power solutions. For a long time, Schneider Electric has started a series of crazy mergers and acquisitions. After acquiring Meilan Jalan, Qisheng and APC, Schneider gradually developed from the upstream of the industrial chain to the downstream. In the final analysis, today's Schneider shows that it wants to become an enterprise that pays attention to the lives of consumers

compete for smart electricity

in 2010, Schneider Electric moved its Asia Pacific headquarters from Hong Kong to Beijing. In 2009, it launched Zhu Hai, the first local president in history. Now it seems that this decision is still too late. If it has the opportunity to do it again, it will move its business center to China earlier

Schneider Electric is not the only one that continuously tilts various resources to the Chinese market. As early as 2006, abb moved its global robot business headquarters from Detroit to Shanghai

abb and Schneider are interested in the construction of intelligent electricity that will be carried out in an all-round way in China. The intelligent upgrading and transformation of traditional electricity in China will drive the rise of a trillion yuan industry. In addition, central enterprise giants, including state grid, are trying to build smart electricity. Obviously, Schneider Electric, as a global energy efficiency management expert, takes this as a strategic focus and accelerates the pace of deploying smart electricity in China

on May 21, 2009, the state power announced the development plan of smart electricity for the first time, and decided to mainly focus on the six links of power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power consumption, dispatching and the construction of communication information platform, comprehensively covering all fields of traditional power system. With the increasingly clear development roadmap of smart electricity in China, the construction of smart electricity will give birth to a huge industrial cake. Among the many industries involved, the business opportunities of electric technology alone may exceed trillion yuan. At the end of 2009, the Chinese government publicly promised to reduce carbon emissions per unit of GDP by 40% to 45% by 2020. At the end of last year, the energy-saving task of the eleventh five year plan, the first half of this goal, triggered an iron fist power cut. This shows that the Chinese decision-making level has an extremely firm attitude towards this goal. In the newly launched 12th Five Year Plan, smart electricity will enter the stage of comprehensive construction, and it is expected to invest 4trillion yuan by 2020. However, in the Chinese market, Schneider has to face not only the competition from other multinational companies, but also the challenges from Chinese enterprises with cost and resource advantages

for this attractive cake, Yang junqian, chief expert of smart electricity, electric vehicles and new energy of Schneider Electric (China), made no secret of his hunger: the smart core of smart electricity is how to establish a strong distribution. Schneider Electric will become a valuable consultant and solution provider for the construction of smart electricity in China with the help of its technical advantages and advanced experience in power distribution and energy efficiency management

in fact, as early as two years ago, Schneider Electric has established a global research department to focus on the analysis and research of smart electricity, and specially set up the post of chief expert of smart electricity, electric vehicles and new energy in China. Schneider Electric believes that pressing the mechanical zero button will reset the angle value to zero. In the future, smart electricity needs to solve the access problem of distributed generation, and optimize energy management to ensure the efficient use of electricity and ensure ubiquitous communication and intelligence. At this stage, China needs to strengthen the investment in distribution networks. The core of smart electricity is to establish a reliable, safe, efficient and green environmental protection distribution, but at present, the energy consumption in the domestic transmission and distribution process is still quite high

after reviewing its own advantages and existing industrial layout, Schneider Electric focuses on power distribution and power management with its rich product lines and numerous solutions

from the perspective of Schneider, the first thing to do in the big category of smart electricity is new energy power generation, including wind and solar energy. The second is the center, to make a flexible, stable and reliable intelligent distribution and realize distribution automation. The third is intelligent residence, smart home. The fourth part is actually about intelligent users, including large buildings, large data centers, and large factories. How to make them more energy-efficient and most reliable, and how to interact with electricity. Then, matching users is the fifth business, which is rapid response and management. These five businesses are Schneider's direction and business core in smart electricity. Yang junqian explained that for many years, Schneider Electric's traditional advantages lie in power distribution and consumption. In renewable energy power generation, intelligent power distribution, intelligent housing, efficient enterprises, demand response called yield point or yield strength, and power consumption management, Schneider Electric has a leading edge in the world. In the field of renewable energy power generation, Schneider Electric provides solar power generation industry with main DC cables, combiner boxes Comprehensive solutions including inverter, monitoring system and energy analysis, as well as sub stations. This will also provide a good reference for the construction of smart electricity in China. Yang junqian said

at the Schneider Electric solutions summit, which ended last year, Zhu Hai, President of Schneider Electric China, also said that as an important participant and promoter in the field of energy conservation, Schneider Electric can help customers achieve the goal of 30% energy conservation by providing innovative overall solutions

now, the whole set of solutions is the trump card for multinational companies such as Schneider Electric to compete with local enterprises

Nuggets solar

in fact, Schneider Electric entered the photovoltaic power generation market very early. In August, 2008, Schneider Electric acquired Xantrex, one of the three major manufacturers of solar and wind energy inverters in the world. With this acquisition, it has the ability to provide solar power enterprises with a full set of system solutions from main DC cables, combiner boxes and secondary current cables, electric energy conversion boxes to monitoring systems and energy analysis systems, medium voltage cables, and power stations. Its photovoltaic inverter has accordingly become the core part of Schneider Electric's renewable energy industry solutions. This has also become an important development direction for it now and in the future. In 2009, Schneider Electric also split its photovoltaic business in China and established an independent business department to provide all solutions except solar panels, including power distribution system, power monitoring system, security system, etc., which is enough to prove its importance to this business and the rapid development of this business

the reason why we can develop rapidly is that first, we have caught the ride of the national support for the great development of the industry; Second, we really work hard and run faster. Wang Guowei, the business director of Schneider Electric's distribution and energy division, explained that in recent years, we have spent a lot of effort on overall solutions. Now, Schneider Electric's team around the world is very mature

in terms of photovoltaic applications, Schneider Electric started in Europe. At present, Schneider Electric has carried out this business in more than 100 countries. Last year, Schneider Electric achieved good results in the Italian, German and French markets. For us, entering the photovoltaic industry is just an addition to the original department. Our existing sales channels, market influence, after-sales service guarantee, etc. have made us very competitive in the market. Wang Guowei said

with the substantial reduction of photovoltaic power generation costs and the maturity of technology, Schneider Electric has also established four solar system solution centers around the world, located in Spain, France, Italy and China, to provide professional engineering design, project implementation, installation guidance and operation consulting services for the solar industry in various countries

our photovoltaic business is growing very fast, and the absolute number of product sales is also growing rapidly. 67 ~ 93hr15t, and the growth of solutions is faster. Wang Guowei said that as the world's leading supplier of photovoltaic power generation system solutions, Schneider Electric's successful cases in the field of solar energy have spread all over the world, and more than 1000 MW of solar energy projects have been built, including Asia's largest solar photovoltaic power station, Huaneng Group Shilin 100 MW photovoltaic and demonstration power station, Datang Qingtongxia 10 MW photovoltaic power station, and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Tibet high altitude photovoltaic power station, And 43 MW photovoltaic power station in hopui, Italy, and 74 MW photovoltaic power station in Aquitaine, France

since 2008, Schneider Electric has been involved in China's photovoltaic power generation market. At present, two of the four projects with domestic cooperation, 66mw and 100MW, have been successfully completed. Especially for the projects cooperated with China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group, 75% of inverters are Schneider Electric products. For this reason, Schneider Electric has great expectations for the vigorous development of China's photovoltaic market, and has invested a lot of human and material resources to support the development of the Chinese market. This is also the reason why Schneider Electric Asia Pacific headquarters is located in Beijing

outstanding performance in the Chinese market

the importance of the Asia Pacific market, especially the Chinese market, is of great importance to Schneider Electric. Since the establishment of the first joint venture factory in 1987, in 23 years, the Chinese market with 22 factories, 6 logistics centers and 2 R & D centers has grown into Schneider Electric's second largest market in the world

to live up to expectations, the Chinese market has also given Schneider Electric a new surprise. As an emerging industry, in recent years, the new energy industry dominated by wind power and solar energy has developed rapidly, and the successive introduction of new energy policies has created good external conditions for industrial development

in November 2009, Schneider Electric products were used in the digital computer monitoring system and auxiliary equipment of the Shilin 100MW photovoltaic power station of Huaneng Group in Shilin, Yunnan, China. This is the first successful case of Schneider Electric in large-scale photovoltaic power stations in China. The success of this project has also laid a good foundation for the comprehensive cooperation between Schneider Electric and China's large power generation groups in the solar power industry

in February 2010, Schneider Electric won the Dunhuang 10MW photovoltaic power station and Qinghai Xitieshan 10MW photovoltaic power station projects participated by CGNPC solar energy development Co., Ltd. again, and realized the plan of the first high-altitude large-scale solar photovoltaic power station in China and the world so far

now, Shilin, Dunhuang and tin iron projects have been successfully put into operation. Stone forest project only

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