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Schneider Electric provides high-performance PLC control system for Ningxia Shenyin special steel project

Shanghai. Recently, on September 16, 2013, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, announced that it will provide a PLC control system with high-end automatic processing capacity for the 3 million ton special steel project of Ningxia Shenyin special steel, which is mainly used in the coal injection system, hot blast furnace system, blast furnace body system, dust removal system, sintering machine Overall control of pellet and raw material yard. This project benefits from Schneider Electric's rich experience and mature technology accumulated in the metallurgical industry for many years, and it is also another successful practice of the company's overall strategy into the West

Xu Jun, vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of the industrial business department, said: as a large-scale project in the metallurgical industry in Western China, the 3 million ton special steel project of Ningxia Shenyin Special Steel Co., Ltd. has selected the PLC control system of Schneider Electric, which fully shows the customers' high recognition of our products, services, experience and other comprehensive advantages. By providing overall solutions and EMS energy management system integrating industrial automation and energy efficiency management, we are committed to optimizing energy efficiency management in the metallurgical industry. At the same time, the development of Western China lags behind, but it also means huge business opportunities. Schneider Electric closely follows the pace of western development, and explores business cooperation with local governments and enterprises to achieve win-win results. The Shenyin special steel project is a good example

due to the national fiscal tightening policy and the macro-control of overcapacity industries, the overall development of the whole iron and steel industry shows a downward trend, with demand shrinking and prices falling. At the same time, at the beginning of 2013, the state put forward the main objectives and key tasks of mergers and acquisitions in nine industries and fields such as steel, which brought new business opportunities for the optimization and upgrading, integration, energy and production efficiency improvement of these traditional industries, and showed the trend of investment transfer in the metallurgical industry to the central and western regions. The metallurgical industry is the project-based market with the most PLC applications, especially large-scale PLCs. According to the "2 China PLC Market Research Report 2013, which requires a lot of water to flush the liquid products remaining in the pipeline", the scale of China's PLC market reached 7.9 billion yuan in 2012, and the industry's requirements for PLC performance, operability, quality, etc. are also constantly improving

the PLC control system applied to the 3 million ton special steel project of Ningxia Shenyin special steel is quantum series products. This product has strong processing ability in discrete quantity, analog quantity and process loop control, and integrates the latest IT technology and network technology. It has flexible storage management, simple use, high integration, strong compatibility, wide openness, and can adapt to extremely harsh industrial environment, It is helpful for iron and steel enterprises to carry out technological innovation and achieve low cost. 1. Overview of cable fault rough measurement methods and development history, low energy consumption, high efficiency and high quality. The specific performance advantages of quantum are as follows:

the high-performance template adopts the unified backplane bus technology, and the communication rate can reach 80mbits; All templates support hot plug; High performance CPU has leading technical advantages in dual computer hot standby; The optional coating protection module can effectively prevent the erosion of the template by chemical fog, organic solvents, dust, humidity, mildew, etc; The pre wiring system is simple to install and convenient to connect; At the same time, there are independent power supply, cumulative power supply and redundant power supply to choose from. In addition, quantum has strong openness and widely supports Ethernet, MODBUS and other communication protocols

i/o connection mode customers can choose local IO (LIO), remote IO (Rio) or distributed IO (DIO), as well as more advanced and flexible industrial Ethernet IO according to the distance of the application, the number and concentration of points, the intensity of interference and other indicators

dual processor structure of hot standby system with data synchronization, data synchronization and program processing are carried out at the same time, which greatly shortens the time of data exchange and transmission; Plug and play, which can repair and replace the CPU in the running state

transparent communication the high-performance CPU integrates MODBUS serial port, Modbus Plus port and Modbus tcp/ip communication. The three-layer network structure completes the seamless integration of field equipment, control equipment and management system

the new unity Pro programming software has excellent user friendliness and an all Chinese interface; Support multi task operating system, which greatly improves the flexibility of applications; It is easy to debug, supports breakpoints, and has built-in system diagnosis function

in addition to stable and reliable product performance, high-quality and efficient service support is also an important factor for Schneider Electric to finally win the Shenyin special steel project. From the scheme communication and configuration selection in the early stage of the project, to the technical exchange in the system commissioning, as well as the provision of after-sales training and the answer of technical problems in operation, a series of complete service systems have won the high recognition of customers. In addition, Schneider Electric has efficient and mature solutions and rich successful experience in blast furnace, sintering and other aspects, which provides a guarantee for the steady progress of the whole project in considering the strength, heat resistance, wear resistance and so on of materials, and is more conducive to customers' realization of project value

Ningxia Shenyin special steel 3million ton special steel project is a key investment attraction project in Shizuishan City, Ningxia, with a total investment of 15.1 billion yuan and a construction period of 5 years, including tamping coke ovens, belt sintering machines, blast furnaces, converters and high-quality special steel infrastructure. It is estimated that after the project is completed, the annual sales revenue will be 30billion yuan and the profit and tax will be 3billion yuan

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