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Schneider Electric released a new process control system: ecostruxure process control expert

Shanghai, China. On September 15, 2020, Schneider Electric, an expert in digital transformation in the field of global energy management and automation, held today at the 2020 China International Industrial Expo, The global launch of ecostruxure for the new process control system means that it should be converted. Finally, people in the industry said that ecostruxure process expert should be changed. The system realizes the best technology combination in the field of PLC and DCS, and integrates energy management functions, providing excellent value performance for enterprises in the whole life cycle of the plant from design, implementation to operation and maintenance

pangxingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of industrial automation business in China, said: as a leader in the automation field, Schneider Electric adheres to innovation and promotes industry progress with new technologies. The newly released ecostruxure process control expert takes industry 4.0 technology as the framework, and according to the needs of industrial enterprises, it brings advantages such as shortening the time to market, reducing engineering costs, improving the level of operating profits and visible profits, reducing maintenance costs and optimizing factories. With safe and high-yield solutions, Schneider Electric will fully promote the digital transformation of enterprises and accelerate the implementation of Chinese industry to green and intelligent manufacturing

enable the process control system with iiot to help the factory enter the future

as the factory moves towards the industrial 4.0 era, enterprises urgently need to realize digital transformation and realize the commercial value from capital expenditure to operating cost. With the gradual deepening of transformation, enterprises are facing more challenges: they need more efficient engineering debugging to shorten delivery time, improve operational efficiency to reduce downtime and maintenance costs, optimize energy management to reduce costs and increase efficiency to achieve sustainable development, use interoperable technology to create a future verifiable architecture, and require the system to be open and connected to ensure network security

inherited Schneider Electric's 50 years of field control experience "With the completion of the acquisition, the ecostruxure process control expert is a unified automation system, which can bring the factory into the future with the power of iiot. It can be used to design, operate and maintain the entire infrastructure of the enterprise, help the factory flexibly respond to market demand, and achieve efficient and sustainable production and operation. The system has five unique advantages:

intelligent design and configuration: Reusable automation objects are embedded in the edge Control, which can realize visualization, alarm, document and asset management; Based on the design and configuration of enterprise standards, third-party software can be used for batch configuration; Intuitive and powerful centralized engineering environment can shorten the time of engineering configuration

enabled labor: run time navigation service can quickly identify the root causes of factory problems in the Asia Pacific Application Technology Laboratory of NVIDIA functional materials business, and embed operation documents to assist operations

intelligent operation: the library based on situational awareness makes the operation more intelligent

energy efficiency: integrated energy management function, providing energy consumption at the equipment level

asset performance: widely support the architecture based on Modicon controller, support the investment continuity of existing assets, and support OPC UA communication

4 great value propositions, create digital benefits for enterprises

as a distributed control system developed by Schneider Electric for mixed industrial users, ecostruxure process control experts bring efficiency breakthroughs and profit appreciation in all links of the user's production process, and bring ultra-high value benefits to users:

shorten the project delivery time: the project configuration time can be shortened by 25% on average

improve profitability and reliability: ecostruxure process control experts are committed to achieving 100% uptime, which can reduce downtime and maintenance costs by 50%

improve operating profit: the improvement of revenue and operating profit margin driven by data can increase operating profit by 10%

improve sustainability: ecostruxure process control experts are compatible with existing products to ensure the worry free upgrading of enterprises; At the same time, by using the plug and play standard general library, optimize the process, greatly improve the energy utilization rate, and save 30% of the process energy cost

ecostruxure process control experts simplify the management of process automation systems and improve engineering efficiency. Plug and play general libraries and industry-specific libraries improve configuration and operation efficiency. At the same time, they focus on integrated energy management, covering all kinds of large, medium and small process control scenarios with 500 to 20000 control objects, including water and sewage treatment, mining, oil and gas, chemical industry, life sciences and other industries

for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronic semiconductor and other industries, in addition to supporting Citect software platform, Schneider Electric also customized ecostruxure process control experts based on aveva system platform. Customers can design, configure, operate and maintain the standardized control system based on Modicon PAC, and provide seamless integration with aveva system platform

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