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The first episode of the new season of "good care lecture" is on the air! The CEO of uni president Petrochemical directly hit the top ten pain points in the lubricant industry

the first issue of the new season of "good maintenance lecture" was launched! The CEO of uni president Petrochemical directly hit the top ten pain points of the lubricating oil industry

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the seeds do not fall in the fertile soil but in the rubble. The viable seeds will never be pessimistic and sigh. Only after bathing in the warm sun and boiling the cold night can we grow into fruits. In the second half of 2020, all walks of life in China have gradually returned to the normal track, and the lubricant industry that has suffered major impact has also ushered in the dawn of recovery

new industry changes, new market trends and new learning contents emerge in endlessly. As a digital all media matrix platform integrated with automotive engineering machinery gene, China Lubricant information (), China tire business (), and China keguoneng, a leading service provider of digital technology in the automotive industry chain, jointly hosted the public welfare live broadcast of the "good maintenance lecture hall". On August 20, the new season of "Shanyang lecture hall" launched. In the first live broadcast, we invited Mr. Li Jia, CEO of uni president petrochemical, to share the latest trends in the lubricant industry

live guest

Li Jia, CEO of uni president petrochemical

breakthrough president of lubricant China

president of peak automotive products China in the United States

, As the first CEO of unified shell after the joint venture, in 2012, he acquired the three major global competitive lubricants and used other components to assist in signal feedback oil brands.

the United States broke through the Top1 lubricant business in China.

, He made uni president develop from an unknown private enterprise into an international company with a highly competitive and global vision in China, and made uni president a powerful leader in China's automotive aftermarket

live broadcast time

Thursday, August 20, 20:00-21:30

live broadcast form

guest live broadcast +ppt+ interactive Q & a

live broadcast theme

the "central kitchen" of the lubricating oil industry

the inflection point of China's gasoline aftermarket oil demand has begun to appear in 2019. While the demand is declining, more and more brands are entering the market. 1. Arc synchronous gear belt, a large number of channel brands are entering the market. The fierce market competition makes independent brands face 10 pain points. For example, it is difficult to find and stick dealers; Store development is difficult and cannot be retained; Weak brand, slow terminal delivery; Talents are hard to find and keep; Incomplete varieties; High cost; Large inventory, high invalid inventory; Unstable quality; Idle capacity; Heavy investment in assets and so on can be described as miserable

the inflection point of China's gasoline aftermarket oil demand has begun to appear in 2019, "supply restructuring and separation of production and marketing" will become a trend. In order to solve the problem of breaking the situation and growing up, the company has put forward its own vision of creating a "central kitchen" of oil with a five-tier business cooperation system

with the advantages of resources, scale and brand, the unified oil "central kitchen" can provide "standard" food materials for dealers, brands and chains, and has a variety of cooperation forms, such as small variety spot supply, flow product tank car supply, customized product whole case service, etc

unified oil "central kitchen" has created a series of representative works. Including the customized product of "tmall gift box" launched in 618 jointly with tmall; The OEM products of gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil launched by unifying with a, B, C and D; Unify the sub brand es of Top1 to work with melon seeds to create joint customized products; In terms of product quality, material consumption, energy consumption and "three wastes" emission, the technology has reached the world's first-rate level, including Nengda, Landau and other sub assembly plant brand products; Cummins full range of OEM products; There are also co branded products jointly created with parts supply chain, dealer alliance, maintenance chain, vehicle factory maintenance chain, OEM, oes, etc

uni president Petrochemical Co., Ltd., jointly invested by Carlyle of the United States and hors group of China, was founded in 1993. It once ranked 16th in the world and fourth in the Chinese market. Its five world-class brands and products, namely "unified lubricant", "peak automotive products in the United States", "top 1 breakthrough in the United States", "pure" and "cleanguard", continue to meet the increasingly booming market demand of various industries in China

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