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The first phase of Tsinghua Siemens digital leading school opened in Shanghai to train future enterprise leaders of China's industry. This course is the first digital education program for enterprise executives jointly created by well-known universities and leading digital enterprises. In combination with various study modes such as school teaching, case mining, field investigation and study visit, the digital leading school will provide comprehensive and diversified professional courses and global experience and insight for future enterprise leaders leading China's industrial development. After the first session, the maintenance knowledge of the universal material testing machine was introduced. The school invited top scholars and experts such as Zhang cymbal, President of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Tsinghua University, wuhequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, songzhiping, President of the China enterprise reform and Development Research Association, to give lectures to dozens of enterprise executives in the fields of manufacturing, IOT, medical treatment, finance, etc

digital economy is becoming a powerful engine to drive the sustainable and high-quality development of China's economy. Dr. Xiao Song, global executive vice president of Siemens, chairman, President and CEO of Siemens China, said that Siemens has a long history of cooperation with Tsinghua University and has rich and successful practices in R & D and talent training. I believe that the Tsinghua Siemens digital leading school jointly built by both sides this time will become the most cutting-edge digital education project in China, deliver world-class management and innovation ideas and experience, and endow the experiment with no problem, so that Chinese enterprises can continue to maintain strong market competitiveness in the digital era

professor baichongen, Dean of the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University, said: 2021 is the first year of the 14th five year plan. In order to support the national goal of digital transformation and development, Tsinghua University of economics and management jointly launched Tsinghua Siemens digital leading school. In the current important period of China's economic transformation, we welcome entrepreneurs to invest in school projects, learn from each other, integrate and interact with each other, and create a better future for China's digital economy

wangyanqing, chairman of Wuxi pioneer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., as a student representative, said at the opening ceremony: the great changes in the environment have made more enterprises aware of the importance of digital transformation. Whether it is a traditional large and medium-sized enterprise or a small and micro start-up, 2. LCD Chinese character display is exploring a new path for future development through digital transformation, reconstructing its own business scenarios and business models, constantly reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and enhancing its ability to resist risks. At Tsinghua Siemens digital Leadership School, I am honored to work with my tutors and students to explore the road of digital transformation, and promote China's economy to break through the encirclement and move steadily in the post epidemic era

the first phase of the school course will last for 18 months, with a total of seven course directions: macro trend, industrial change, management wisdom, scientific and technological strength, business ecology, value co creation and overseas study visits. Students will be organized to study in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou and Germany. After completing the learning of all modules and meeting the completion conditions, the students will obtain the double completion certificate issued by the Lifelong Education Department of Tsinghua University and Siemens. Graduates can also obtain the alumni qualification of Tsinghua School of economics and management, enjoy the rights and interests of alumni, and participate in lectures, forums and alumni activities of Tsinghua School of economics and management

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