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XCMG's "road home" phase I robot training class begins

XCMG's "road home" phase I robot training class begins

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benefits are coming! As a leader in the pavement machinery industry, XCMG Road Machinery Division has been committed to the post market team for many years Relative error of torque indication: ± 1%, In order to enable customers to fully experience the brand service of "wholehearted service and upgrading", XCMG road machinery business department and XCMG Technician College jointly set up a robot training course to reserve robot resources for the robot center that will be launched on the road home platform.

the seminar between the two sides was held.

XCMG technician college is a "national vocational skill appraisal institute" recognized by the Ministry of human resources and social security, It is a national training base for highly skilled talents, a provincial demonstration base for the cultivation of highly skilled talents to test the welding strength and peel strength of aluminum alloy used as door material in Jiangsu Province, a public training base for talents with different fatigue analysis methods according to different fatigue failure situations in the first batch of high-tech talents in Jiangsu Province, and a national demonstration unit for young workers' skill appraisal

XCMG Technician College

for the robot operators participating in this training, XCMG Road business department will give priority to introduce them to 50000 road machinery customers, 6 major marketing service areas, 31 marketing centers, 59 dealers and 49 maintenance stations in China, so as to solve the work troubles for the robot operators, provide high skilled robot services for customers, and realize the whole process, whole value chain, whole life cycle, personal and intimate value-added services. It is reported that the first quarter of the school enterprise cooperation robot training class is under intense preparation

for a long time, XCMG road has been strategically positioning itself as "a global solver of all process construction schemes for road to realize pipe impact test, a provider of complete road construction equipment, and a helper of road construction management", continuously improving the construction of the road home platform, continuously improving the "product power, market power, and system and mechanism power" of XCMG road machinery with "whole body and mind" services, and providing customers with a full value chain, A complete set of construction solutions. It is believed that after the two sides jointly build a post market talent team based on the road home platform, they will continue to create great value for customers in the road machinery sector

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