The first plenary meeting of 2019 Safety Committee

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Xingma company held the first plenary meeting of 2019 safety committee recently, Xingma company held the first plenary meeting of 2019 Safety Committee. The company's management team and members of the safety committee attended the meeting

② at the ground wire interference control meeting, Yang Mingyin, general manager of Xingma special automobile, read out the document notice on adjusting the members of the new safety committee, the environmental protection committee, the fire management leading group and the occupational health management leading group. Yangmingyin put forward several requirements for the safety and environmental protection work of Xingma in the new year. He said that it was necessary to strengthen the sorting of operating procedures, including the formulation, modification and improvement of general safety operating procedures for ball screws and special operating procedures [Zhongsu news]. Strengthen the training work, especially the training and education of outsourced workers. The workshop is required to play a leading role and talk about safety frequently and repeatedly. Strengthen the investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards, and regularly check some specified actions, such as cables, switches and gas cylinders. Strengthen on-site 5S management and do a good job in on-site management to reduce the probability of accidents. Pay attention to methods and reward and punishment. Strengthen supervision, inspection and punishment, otherwise the safety work will not be improved

at the meeting, Yujiang FA, deputy general manager of Xingma Special Automobile Co., Ltd., also summarized the safety and environment work in 2018 and conveyed and learned about the recent casualty safety accidents in our province; Guozhenwei of the safety and environmental protection department reports on the work of safety and environment in 2018 and the work plan for 2019; The department heads of each workshop respectively reported the outstanding problems in the recent safety and environment work

finally, the meeting also held the signing ceremony of 2019 safety objective management document. Yang Mingyin, the general manager, and yujiangfa, the deputy general manager in charge of safety, signed the annual general safety assessment objectives. The biological cells of each department will continue to synthesize new molecules from regenerated cells, and the relevant heads of the workshop will sign the safety objectives respectively. Yangmingyin finally stressed that the safety of all units should be implemented in place, with control measures, level by level supervision, level by level responsibility, and the company's safety committee should conduct assessment at the end of the year

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