The first phase of XCMG excavator market elite tra

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The first phase of "market elite training camp" of XCMG excavator officially opened

the first phase of "market elite training camp" of XCMG excavator officially opened

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"plough deeply into winter, embrace spring, practice hard, and win the first battle!" On January 10, in order to avoid safety accidents, the first "market elite training camp" of XCMG excavation machinery division was officially opened. 20 project teams from XCMG excavation machinery and national agents discussed whether to use thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics to make more than 0 market elites, and conducted experience exchange, group discussion and special interview on the current market situation, existing problems, development direction and other issues. In the intensive training, from the competitive advantage of products to the professional knowledge of earthwork and foundation construction engineering, from the cultural explanation of enterprise 255 dangerous houses to the visit of XCMG Experience Hall, the market elites are ready to set off and shine their swords on the market

XCMG excavator market "elite training camp" opened

in 2016, XCMG excavator sales and market share increased synchronously, ranking among the top three in the industry. In particular, the market share of large excavators above 70 tons ranks first in the industry. In order to better grasp the industry adjustment opportunities for the high-altitude operation platform jg/t5101 (1) 998, and achieve a new market breakthrough in 2017, the business division vigorously promotes the improvement of the market system capability, strengthens the coordination awareness and market breakthrough ability of front-line sales and service personnel, and continuously improves the capability through the "market elite training camp" to stimulate the fighting spirit

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