The first photovoltaic power station in Saudi Arab

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By 2015, the first photovoltaic power station in Saudi Arabia will be put into operation

according to officials of Saudi Arabia's renewable energy development project department, Saudi Arabia plans to start generating electricity by 2020, and the first photovoltaic power station will be put into operation by 2015

Khalid al Suliman, vice president of King Abdullah city for atomic and renewable energy (the influence of connection temperature on the structure and performance of TA2 titanium plate transient liquid phase diffusion connection joint), told the Saudi news agency that Saudi Arabia will start construction of the first photovoltaic power generation system early next year, which may take 24 months to complete

al Suliman said that once the government approves the renewable energy project, the project can start construction. Yesterday, he told the Saudi news agency that he expected to obtain official approval early next year

Saudi Arabia is committed to developing renewable energy, so as to export more crude oil. Saudi Arabia plans to invest 109billion US dollars to build photovoltaic industry, and meet one third of the country's power generation by 2032

according to the plan released in May, the world's largest oil exporter plans to install 41000mw photovoltaic power generation systems in the next 20 years. Al Suliman said that 16000mw of the power generation came from photovoltaic modules, while the rest came from photothermal technology

Al Suliman said that Saudi Arabia hopes that renewable energy and nuclear reactors will be able to supply the country's general electricity in the next 20 years. Solar energy will meet one fifth of the energy demand

according to the data of Bloomberg new energy finance, Saudi Arabia currently has about 3MW photovoltaic systems, lagging behind Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and the United Arab Emirates

in addition, Al Suliman announced in May that by 2030, Saudi Arabia will build 1100% recycled materials! Mauser won the Innovation Award for medical waste containers. There are 6 nuclear reactors with stable and reliable performance, and the installed capacity is 14000mw. But he did not disclose the cost of the project. Zhonghua glass () Department

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