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The first photo contest of China's call center industry will be launched in Beijing

ctiforum news on January 27 (panting): in order to promote the development of the call center industry, photographic works will be used to show the new development, changes and style of the call industry. Further improve the artistic level of photographers and enthusiasts in the call center industry, and activate the amateur activities of practitioners. Sponsored by the call center and Customer Relationship Management Professional Committee of China electronics chamber of Commerce and organized by CTI forum, the first China call center industry "call love horizon" photography contest was launched on October 15, 2009 and will last for more than 7 months. The 10th anniversary celebration of CTI forum will be held on may21,2010, and the award ceremony of the first China call center industry "call love horizon" photography competition will be held at the same time

it has a very good prospect in the use of transparent conductive electrodes. The development of China's call center industry has exceeded ten years. A large number of young people full of youth are active in China's call center industry. They are unknown, selfless, hardworking, and devoted their time to China's customer service industry. The "call love horizon" photography contest aims to reflect the style of the call center industry, create a new image, enhance the social awareness of the call center industry and expand the social influence of the call center through the award selection activities

the theme of this competition is "call love horizon". Focusing on this theme, the competition will display the industry style and the public vision of the 100000 square meters outdoor exhibition area through the industry group (the works need to be from the employees of the call center industry) and the non industry group (the works need to be from the employees of the non call center industry). Focus on the call center industry with high expansibility, and reflect the outlook of the call center industry in people's eyes and minds through people, things, and other aspects

the contestants of this competition include the employees of national well-known call centers, equipment manufacturers, teachers and students of professional colleges, and photographers; The jury team comes from industry institutions, call center industry experts at home and abroad and senior photography experts. The collection, selection, award presentation, exhibition tour and other activities of the competition works run through the whole year. The professional media track and report the events for a long time and have a wide impact

there are eight awards in the competition, including gold, silver, bronze, best popularity, best media, excellent works, best organization, and finalists; The Organizing Committee of the competition will issue honorary certificates, trophies, medals and prizes to the selected winners. The winning and shortlisted works of this competition will be exhibited in many cities across the country from May 22, 2010 to September 20, 2010

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