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Jiangsu's first pig cornea transplantation into the human eye was successfully performed in Ning. Chief physician Yang Qin is performing artificial cornea transplantation for Mr. Zhou

On the morning of February 1, Mr. Zhou, a farmer from Gaochun, successfully received the first artificial cornea transplantation in Jiangsu Province in Jiangsu People's Hospital and was discharged from hospital. Before leaving the hospital, Mr. Zhou held the hand of chief ophthalmologist Yang Qin tightly and said, "thank you, director Yang, for helping me keep my eyes and solve my big problem. I can watch the Spring Festival Gala again soon. I sincerely wish you a happy new year."

the cornea of his right eye is close to perforation and needs transplantation.

. It turned out that as early as 20 years ago, Mr. Zhou accidentally injured his eyeball by setting off firecrackers. Although the treatment at that time controlled the development of the disease, it left a sequela, that is, the cornea is often inflamed

on january25,2016, when Mr. Zhou came to the chief physician Yang Qin of the Department of Ophthalmology of Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital for treatment, the corneal ulcer in his right eye was nearly perforated and he was almost blind. The only treatment was to wait for scarce corneal donation and carry out corneal transplantation

fortunately, with the active coordination and help of chief physician Yang Qin, considering the poor economic conditions of Mr. Zhou's family, the Department helped him contact the manufacturer of artificial cornea and provided him with a piece of artificial cornea free of charge

transplant artificial cornea to keep the right eye

on the afternoon of January 28, 2016, chief physician Yang Qin successfully performed the right eye acellular stroma artificial cornea transplantation for Mr. Zhou. Mr. Zhou became the first case of artificial biological keratoplasty in Jiangsu Province. The operation lasted about 1 hour and 20 minutes. When chief physician Yang Qin said to Mr. Zhou that "the operation has been successfully completed" after adjusting the last knot with a micro needle under the microscope, Mr. Zhou on the operating table finally released the punch necessary for the pre-use inspection of the double-1 plastic tensile testing machine, and the man also breathed a long breath: "now I am relieved that my right eye can be saved."

"at present, there are about 5million blind patients due to various corneal diseases in China. Although the success rate of corneal transplantation is high today, less than 5000 patients receive surgery every year in China. Among these patients, many can see light again through corneal transplantation. While more patients are waiting for corneal donors, they lose the opportunity to treat due to the deterioration of their condition and become blind." Dr. Yang Qin, chief physician, said with great regret that in the ophthalmology department of Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, there were more than 100 registered patients waiting for transplantation. "However, due to the scarcity of corneal sources, some patients queued up the previous year have not yet waited for donors. In 2015, only 20 human corneal transplants were performed."

can it completely replace human cornea

since artificial corneas can also be transplanted, why are so many people waiting for human corneas

according to Dr. Yang Qin, the human cornea is a layer of highly transparent tissue in front of the eyeball, which plays a key role in imaging like the lens of a camera. Once it is turbid or damaged, it can directly lead to blindness. Corneal transplantation is the most effective way to restore eyesight in patients with visual impairment caused by corneal turbidity and ulcer. Bioengineering cornea, commonly known as "artificial cornea", can not completely replace human donated cornea at present, but it will greatly alleviate the current shortage of corneal donors

it is reported that the human cornea is divided into five layers from the outside to the inside: the epithelial layer, the anterior elastic layer, the stroma layer, the posterior elastic layer and the endothelial layer. If the damage of the cornea is in the first three layers, the artificial cornea can be replaced. However, if all the five layers of the cornea are perforated, the human cornea can only be donated

the artificial cornea is made from the cornea of pigs

it is understood that the artificial cornea is a project product similar to human cornea made of high molecular materials with different effects by the Medical Association. The artificial cornea is made from the cornea of special breeding pigs. Its biggest advantage is that it can select the transplant area and thickness according to needs. It is no longer limited by the donor and can be used for life

what does such a magical material look like

"it is basically the same as the contact lenses you usually wear. The thickness is between 0..45 mm. It can be stored in the fixed solution for 6 months." Yang Qin, chief physician, said

chief physician Yang Qin explained: "Lamellar keratoplasty is the main method to treat corneal diseases, accounting for 30%-40% of the total amount of corneal transplantation. At present, some corneal diseases such as keratoconus, not involving the whole layer of corneal leukoplakia, fungal keratitis and so on can be treated by using artificial cornea. With the better development of advanced new materials such as graphene, metamaterials and superconducting materials, basic membrane transplantation can be used. After the artificial cornea technology is mature, some patients have new Choice gives you more opportunities to keep your eyesight. More importantly, patients can receive transplantation treatment at an early stage of the disease without waiting for the disease to deteriorate. "

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