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On November 29, 2016, Tanxiang family held the 2017 annual marketing strategy system upgrading conference at Xinfan Beihu living water park hotel in Xindu

on November 29, 2016, Tanxiang family held the 2017 annual marketing strategy system upgrading conference at Xinfan Beihu running water park hotel in Xindu. Luo Xinmin, chairman of Tanxiang aristocratic family, Yuan Shujun, deputy general manager, founder of Fangcun Zhiye, and ye Wei and Fangcun, experts of marketing practice Feng Tang, a teacher from Minxue business school, and the senior management teams of both sides attended the meeting and approved the key marketing issues of Honolulu aristocratic family in 2017

at 10 a.m. that day, chairman Luo Xinmin kicked off the grand event with a keynote speech titled "never forget your original heart, never forget it". In the 20 minute talk, Luo Dong affectionately reviewed the development history of the jade sandalwood world, and in looking back, he refined the brand's "original heart" spirit, compared the glorious history of the brand one by one with the key word "original heart", and put forward the brand belief of "always" with the original heart

chairman Luo Xinmin shared "don't forget your original heart, you can always get it"

with this belief, welcome the new year. At the moment when time is about to enter 2017, "upgrading" and "development" are the aspirations and expectations of all sandalwood family members. In this regard, deputy general manager yuan Shujun, with the report "Upgrading - the road to enterprise development", put forward the intelligent solution of the brand's top management, pointing out the general strategic direction for the development of the enterprise

in addition, while upgrading the strategy, ye Wei, general manager of Fangcun Zhiye, also upgraded the marketing wisdom for the elites of sandalwood family with the marketing sharing of "strengthen yourself and weaken your opponents", so as to ensure that the strategy can be put into practice by a more executive team. In the subsequent "marketing system project planning" link, from Fangcun Feng Tang, a teacher from Minxue business school, carefully disassembled all kinds of matters related to the strategic upgrading of the marketing system for Tanxiang family, and standardized the 2017 marketing Charter of Tanxiang family with advanced planning

at this meeting, both sandalwood aristocratic family and Fangcun Zhiye had a clear understanding of the reality of "winter has arrived" in the industry. And the crueler the current situation is, the more it can stimulate marketers' ambition to meet difficulties. This meeting is the "oath" meeting of Honolulu aristocratic family in preparation for 2017, and the upgrading of marketing strategy system is the "sharpening blade" action of brand restructuring competitiveness

seek innovation by tracing back to the original intention of the brand, and seek breakthroughs by upgrading the marketing strategy. Sandalwood aristocratic family, with the same goal and the same mind, is unwilling to describe the future with empty vows - they prefer to practice their heart with practice. Finally, with the marketing results of 2017, they compose the industry story of "those who share the same desire win"




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