Analysis of perfect rural style design cases

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This attic cabin is a girls' room, and the ceiling fan added to the roof always blows cool wind slowly

in fact, the seemingly simple external transformation has also made a lot of efforts in the internal transformation. The designer asked the construction team to do a deep renovation work, and they updated all lines, pipelines and details. And some designers who should be preserved will never waste. For example, the maple floor downstairs has been completely preserved, but it is only re colored. In order to match the newly paved floor, the original built-in structure has also been removed to make room for a new one

freeze frame color glows with summer romance

the fireplace and the window rest area are not in the living room of the original old house, and the old corridor columns stand on both sides of the fireplace after renovation

in the living room, the blue striped sofa brings the flavor of the sea, and several flowers rely on bags to skillfully cater to the characteristics of summer. The kitchen is more cool. The white lampblack top decoration and bright hand fired tiles drive away the summer heat. The raised small bar is a breakfast table specially prepared for children, and the fancy porcelain in the sideboard cleverly decorates the kitchen. The flowers in the leisure area are like brocade. Whether it's carpets, handbags or decorative flowers, they are surrounded by flowers. Sitting in them is more like smelling sweet in the garden. The layout of the bedroom is relatively simple, and the blue and pink fabrics are particularly beautiful against the white background

the slope top structure adds fun to the bedroom on the second floor, and the dark wood floor forms a tonal contrast with the white fir siding. The slender skirting board, siding trim and flat window frame all imitate the design details of the old house

the old house after renovation can't see the traces of history, and the full room of flowers and strong holiday atmosphere make the house fresh and pleasant, full of the cool smell of summer

transformation analysis

the whole house adopts the transformation method, and there are several details in the transformation that cannot be ignored:

1 Fir siding was installed everywhere in the original house, but most of it had fallen off during the wall construction. In order to restore the previous classic style, the wall panels need to be reinstalled on the wall and ceiling. The pine tongue and tenon is used as the main material, and its wood grain is clearly visible through the paint. The plates have been primed before, and the last coat of paint is sprayed on the site before installation. If the temperature or humidity of your home changes greatly, it is recommended that you use medium density fiberboard, because its plate joint is not easy to shrink or grow. Here, the designer only applies this material to the interior door, because the interior door is a classic four panel style, which caters to the overall rural style

2. Material transition the conversion between two different materials requires some skills, especially when their thickness is different. Taking this bathroom as an example, the thin decorative strip of the outer frame of the dressing mirror is between the green ceramic tile strip and the thick wooden wall panel, creating an appropriate transition space. The wall tiles are directly connected with the floor tiles, which saves the trouble of installing the baseboard

3. The theme decoration designer decorates the theme form according to the owner's use and preferences of the house: flowers, stripes and colors such as blue, green, pink and yellow that emphasize the sense of season are cleverly used in the space, matched with colors with white as the main body, making the room full of fresh and natural flavor





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