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The design of plant office is also very important. Generally, the ground of plant office does not bear load, so you can consider using some cheap decorative materials such as floor paint. If you want to consider anti-static, you should choose anti-static floor or anti epoxy floor as the preferred material for plant decoration floor. The following editor will introduce the details of plant office decoration and Feng Shui taboos in the plant office

details of plant office decoration

1. The floor is moisture-proof, and ventilation is the key

when the plant office is decorated, the best choice of the floor is to choose a moisture-proof floor, so that the floor will not be wet, but ventilation is also very important, so after paving the ridge, add a layer of moisture-proof mat between the ridge and the floor. Let the ground keep air circulation with the outside world across the floor

2. The water pipe line is the foundation of moisture-proof

the decoration of the plant office does not pay attention to the surface design, but the installation of the water pipe line. Generally, the water pipe will choose the hot melt pipe, but this kind of water pipe will bring a lot of inconvenience in the future after it is found to leak. Therefore, we must choose a formal decoration company to prevent problems from being solved in time in the future

3. The wall shared with the bathroom should be moisture-proof

many walls of rooms adjacent to the bathroom will be moldy. Some people think it is caused by the leakage of the bathroom water pipe, but in fact, the water on the bathroom wall seeps into the room over time. At this time, the exhaust fan or window should be opened for ventilation to discharge the moisture. Secondly, a waterproof layer should be made on the wall of the next room

Feng Shui taboo in the plant office

1. The door is the ventilation port of the office. If the back of the office seat is not supported, people often come and go behind, and they will be in a subconscious state of tension for a long time, so it is best to adjust the position of the desk to a position without the back door

2. The front of the desk should be open, and there should be no columns on the opposite side of the position. If the opposite side is a wall, the future will be blocked by the wall, and luck will not unfold. The office efficiency is poor when the seats are placed by the door. In the office, the higher the position, the farther away from the door

3. The factory office should not be too dark, and the lighting should be good, so that the performance can be booming. If the dark office, it often brings obstacles and difficulties, as well as the fate of villains in power and low morale of employees

4. The plant office should be spacious. If the plant office is narrow and dark, the future will be limited, there will be many obstacles, and the development will be difficult. Later, if the office is open and quiet, then the company or the unit has a bright future, smooth and successful

editor's summary: here are the details of the decoration of the plant office and the Feng Shui taboos of the plant office, hoping to help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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