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How the $10-a-day child-care deals will work in your province or territory | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Ontario on Monday signed onto a national child-care?agreement with the federal government?to bring $10-a-day child care to every province and territory by 2026, making it?the last jurisdiction to do so.transmission rates by mid-May to late June, depending o?

Here’s a look at the deals signed across the country:

British Columbia?

The province reached an agreement last year that stipulates Ottawa will work with B.C. to reach an average of $10-per-day child care in regulated spaces for children under six before 2027. The deal aims to create 30,000 new spaces in B.C. over a five-year period, with fees for regulated spaces cut in half by the end of 2022. B.C. was the first province to sign on to the Liberal offer laid out in the 2021 budget. After being elected in 2017, B.C.’s NDP government began a $10-a-day daycare pilot program and pledged during the 2020 election campaign to expand the program provincewide.


The territory’s child-care deal includes the creation of 110 new regulated early learning and child-care spaces within a five-year period, which builds on its plan for parents to pay an average of $10-a-day in out-of-pocket fees for full-time regulated spaces for children under age six. The agreement also helps fund implementation of Yukon’s wage gridThe bot account., which provides a minimum wage of nearly $30 an hour to qualified early childhood educatorsThe State Dining Room o. The federal funding will be used to create regulated spaces among not-for-profit, public and family-based service providers. It will see the federal government provide nearly $42 million over five years to child care.

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