The hottest plastic market in Shantou is still act

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Shantou plastic market is still active

due to the continuous rise in Hong Kong's external market and South Korea's quotation in April, Shunde and Shantou markets remain active, and the rise continues. In addition, Maohua petrochemical and Guanghua Petrochemical frequently transfer out factory prices, which has played a role in fuelling the flames. However, some sellers are cautious in price acceptance, and begin to focus on waiting and seeing. As the peak season is about to pass, import resources are invading one after another, and the decline is just around the corner. In addition, recently, ports in North China, East China, South China and other regions have mainly improved their toughness, and foreign goods have intervened, affecting the space for further price increases and weakening the buying atmosphere in the market. It is said that due to the limited price rise and the impact of low import prices in North China, the Korean linear market in Shantou has distributed most of its resources to the southwest and Fujian regions, and the rest of the resources are not in a hurry to sell until they rise again; Shunde is still paying close attention to the Hong Kong market, adopting a wait-and-see strategy supplemented by action for products with rapid market changes, and adjusting prices at any time to be in place as much as possible

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