The hottest plastic market in Shantou

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The plastic market in Shantou is still declining, and the peak sales season expected by traders is still not coming

ps, the quotation of ocean GPPS (sg23) is 6000f (locking force) = m (locking torque) ÷( μ× F) about RMB/ton, hips sh65 is quoted at 6350 yuan/ton, Chevron's GPPS is 5800 yuan/ton, hips is 6080 yuan/ton, Guangzhou Petrochemical and Panjin's GPPS are quoted at about 5750 yuan/ton, Sanshui's GPPS is quoted at 5800 yuan/ton, both of which have declined to varying degrees. The quotation of Daqing ABS 750 is 7900 yuan/ton, and that of Jihua ABS 9715a is 7900 yuan/ton. The kitchen needs waterproof and transparent plastic. The ABS 750 of South Korea is about 8500 yuan/ton, with a decrease range of 50 yuan/ton -100 yuan/ton. The market response is not optimistic and the confidence in the future market is insufficient

pvc is still outstanding. The quotation of PVC ld-100 rises, and the price fluctuates up and down at 5300 yuan/ton, while LLDPE 149 drops to 6750 yuan/ton, and LLDPE 7042 of Guangzhou Petrochemical is about 6150 yuan/ton, both declining by about 150 yuan/ton. South Korea's HDPE 308 has declined this week due to an increase of more than 100 yuan/ton last week. The price is 6900 yuan/ton. These ceramic phases always exist in a three-dimensional situation. The price of HDPE 303 is 6850 yuan/ton. Due to the recent increase in incoming goods from Shantou port, it is estimated that the market next week is not optimistic

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