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China's plastic machine industry urgently needs to be adjusted and standardized

the plastic machine industry is a comprehensive industry spanning machinery, light industry, textile, agriculture, chemical industry, construction, national defense and other fields, and develops with the development of the chemical industry. According to statistics, at present, there are more than 34000 enterprises engaged in plastic processing in China. The total output value of the plastic machinery industry increased from 210 million yuan in 1987 to 3.8 billion yuan in 1998, an increase of 18 times in more than a decade, far higher than that of other machinery industries

not long ago, Jinan Guangming Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. held a celebration for its 10th anniversary. Representatives of more than 1000 enterprises from the national plastic door and window processing machine manufacturing, profile manufacturing, processing and manufacturing and accessory manufacturing industries participated in this event. The colleagues and experts participating in the event agreed that at present, China's plastic machinery industry is developing rapidly, but there are several prominent problems in the development process: first, the macro industrial structure. China's low-tech plastic machine products are in a serious surplus state, while high-precision, high-efficiency, high-tech stroke to 8mm plastic machines basically rely on imports. Second, local industrial structure. The main market of plastic machinery is in Shandong and the coastal area of the south, while the demand for plastic machinery in the northwest and inland areas is not booming. Third, the quality of plastic machine products is uneven, and the market competition is chaotic. Experts called on China to increase the investment and development of high-precision and high-tech plastic machines, limit the blind development of low-level plastic machines, and standardize the market competition order. At the same time, accelerate the promotion and application of plastic machinery in the northwest and inland areas, so as to drive the economic development of the whole northwest and inland areas

As one of the four pillar materials after steel, wood and cement, plastic has been widely used in agriculture, building materials, packaging, machinery and electronics, automobiles, transportation, household appliances, petrochemical industry and national defense. According to statistics, the annual output of plastic products in China was about 15million tons in 1998, second only to the United States and ranking second in the world. However, the annual per capita consumption of plastic products in China is 10 kg, which is far lower than the world per capita level of 22 kg, and even lower than the consumption level of 50-100 kg in developed countries. Experts predict that from 2001 to 2010, the output of plastic products in China will increase at an average annual rate of 7%. By 2005 and 2010, the output of plastic products will reach 22.5 million tons and 32 million tons respectively. At that time, the per capita consumption of plastic products will be about 228000. China's extruder industry has many grams of beneficial conditions in foreign trade export, which is equivalent to the current per capita consumption level of the world. The development trend of plastic products shows that the potential market of plastic machinery in China is huge

from the analysis of the number of plastic machinery products, it is estimated that there will be 75000 and 100000 in 2005 and 2010 respectively. Among them, injection molding machines account for about 35%, extrusion units account for about 25%, hollow molding machines account for about 5%, and other plastic machines account for about 35%. However, in our country, because the manufacturing industry of plastic door and window processing machine has not implemented the license system at present, some small and medium-sized enterprises swarmed in, confused. Taking Jinan as an example, about 1000 enterprises in the city produce plastic processing machines, and some small enterprises provide small low-quality processing machines for some small individual door and window processing owners, resulting in countless small workshop style plastic door and window processing sites across the country. It is understood that there are more than 1000 such processing points in Shenyang. The quality of products produced by these processing points can not meet the specified requirements

at present, the use of plastic doors and windows in China has reached 30million square meters/year, and has become the preferred substitute for wooden doors and windows after steel windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows. According to the relevant national planning requirements, by 2010, China's plastic door and window mold clone ax2677 combined with surface hardening treatment program has also experienced repeated car washing tests at the beginning of development, and the market share should reach more than 30%, requiring 1.5 billion square meters of plastic doors and windows. Plastic doors and windows have entered a new development period. Such a large market demand will not only promote plastic raw material production enterprises, but also the plastic machine industry will enter a new round of competition. Therefore, the best way for the development of this industry is to get rid of low-level price competition and develop large-scale, CNC plastic door and window processing equipment

Jinan Guangming Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has developed with the development of China's plastic door and window industry, has obtained more than 10 utility model patents in 10 years, and has manufactured the most advanced plastic door and window processing equipment in China, with a domestic market share of 40%. They strongly called on the whole industry to standardize the order of market competition and improve the product quality of plastic door and window processing machinery and plastic doors and windows, so as to ensure the healthy development of the industry

it is not difficult to see that in China, the plastic machinery industry is a sunrise industry, which will have a significant impact on all areas of the national economy. Therefore, China's plastic machinery enterprises should improve their product structure as soon as possible, speed up the pace of product structure adjustment, get out of the misunderstanding of mutual "killing", and jointly meet the challenges of the new century

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