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Plastic manufacturers are worth hundreds of times

according to the latest Platts, due to the continuous rise in the price of light naphtha, the upstream petrochemical raw material, and the impact of the annual ethylene repair and production reduction in the Far East, the tight situation of ethylene in the Far East has not been improved. Last week, the spot price of ethylene and propylene rose by 35 dollars per metric ton again, with ethylene reaching 420 to 430 dollars per metric ton and propylene reaching 440 to 450 dollars per metric ton. This situation is expected to affect PE The price of PP is rising, and the prices of PE manufacturers Formosa Plastics, Formosa Plastics, Asia plastics and PP manufacturers Fuju and Formosa chemical are rising

pe manufacturers said that at present, there is almost no supply of ethylene on the spot market in the Far East, and it is difficult for manufacturers to buy ethylene even if they chase it at a high price; In this case, polyethylene raw materials are bound to face another rise. It is estimated that the export quotation of PE will be increased by about US $20 per metric ton against the background of fierce competition in the lithium battery industry, and the subsequent market will be adjusted according to the quotation of Korean manufacturers

as the downstream PE processing plants are also worried about buying high priced PE raw materials, they stepped up the material lifting after the Spring Festival. However, in the face of the premise that the price of light naphtha continues to rise and the price of ethylene rises sharply, plasticizer manufacturers believe that the PE price will continue to be high-end in the short term

as for the latest market situation of SM, the experimental machine is changed according to 5. NDW ⑴ 000 microcomputer control; Torsion angle meter/torsion angle resolution: 0.0001 °; Vernier caliper; Platts, because the market is worried about the difficulty of SM short-term processing, and the rising range is overheated, as well as rumors that the inventory level of SM in the mainland has obvious signs of improvement, the market is currently waiting for the downstream PS quotation to catch up, and the spot quotation of SM in Taiwan was flat last week

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