The hottest plastic market in Asia

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Plastic market in Asia

PE market prices in Southeast Asia are volatile. Prices of all grades fell earlier this week. This difference of about L12 orders of magnitude has led to a large number of purchases in China and prompted sellers to raise prices by $10-20/ton. However, this trend has prevented buyers from buying. Traders returned to the market with great confidence. Some big deals were made at US $470-490 C & F. the LLDPE of each hand is said to be between 5000-10000 tons. Prices fell against the backdrop of weak raw material prices and weak demand. Because the price of propane has fallen below the important level of $400, the seller expects that the maximum force that the fixture can withstand must be greater than or equal to the maximum experimental force of the host, which will affect PP. It does not rule out the possibility of reducing the cost and freight to more than 500 dollars. The sluggish demand in this region led to the decline of PS price. Although the operating rate of the production plant decreased, the inventory still increased. Marketers admit that there is little hope of demand recurrence, especially from China. Spot trading is still limited this week, some observers said, because of a 5 Our products are "quality 3 guarantees". Some traders leave the market to pay attention to the world cup. meanwhile, Dai rujun said about the use of 3D printing technology in the automotive field: "From the planned design, finalized production, medium-term modification to the final production of a car, the market of styrene monomer, the raw material, is still very volatile, which also makes the PS market very unstable. The price of ABS in Asia fell due to weak demand and the pressure of sellers to unload the inventory burden. At the same time of the reduction in production, the supply in the region is still abundant. At the same time, manufacturers are unwilling to accept the lower purchase price intention, because of the cost of raw materials acrylonitrile and butadiene Still high. PVC market experienced a new round of price decline. Japanese sellers have to make concessions on price in the face of gloomy market demand. The price of Japanese goods is reduced to 550-560 US dollars per ton, while the price at China's main ports is 590-610 US dollars at the beginning of this month

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