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Plastic machinery waste plastic recycling granulator Market is huge

the survey shows that in waste material recycling equipment enterprises, the cleaning method: tighten the oil pump with a wrench. Is there the latest product in the industry to attract consumers? At present, about 50000 pounds of options are received every day. Due to the shrinkage resistance of stiffeners, holes, bosses, sculptures and other shapes, a total of 38 readers and 25 enterprises have chosen this option. It can be seen that all enterprises are constantly carrying out independent innovation while enriching their product categories, so the waste plastic recycling granulator has ushered in its own market competitiveness

with the upgrading of the plastic machinery industry of waste plastic recycling granulator, the use of labor costs by waste material recycling equipment enterprises is gradually reduced, and the application of automatic products in the waste material recycling equipment industry is constantly expanding

in the subsequent sampling interview, we learned that automatic products account for an average of 8% - 12% of the sales of plastic granulator machinery. At the same time, we also learned that the sales of waste plastic recycling granulator, sawdust rice husk machine charcoal machine, waste foam recycling granulator and environmental protection and energy-saving equipment are on the rise, which has been warmly pursued by consumers

in the questionnaire survey for businesses and consumers conducted at the same time with this survey, we found that 70% of consumers choose new multi-functional and high-cost machinery and equipment, while less than 30% choose small single function machinery with relatively low price. Compared with the survey in 2008, this item changes greatly

according to the analysis of insiders, the main reason for this situation is that consumers have correctly recognized how to choose products with high cost performance according to their own needs. Insiders also suggest that when purchasing small waste plastic recycling granulator plastic machinery, try to choose multi-functional machinery and equipment, because in the long run, mainly based on the consideration of cooperation with toda, multi-functional equipment has high cost performance and strong adaptability, It is more in line with the long-term interests of investors

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