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Classification of engine lubricating oil

engine lubricating oil is divided into gasoline engine lubricating oil and diesel engine lubricating oil according to its purpose. These two kinds of lubricating oil are divided into many kinds according to viscosity level and quality level. These two levels are mainly considered when selecting lubricating oil. Some engine lubricants can be applied to gasoline engines and diesel engines. For example, the original engine lubricant of FAW Volkswagen Jetta car is applicable to both 1.6 L gasoline engines and 1.9 l diesel engines, but in most cases these two lubricants are not universal

(1) viscosity level

viscosity level is divided into 11 levels according to the standard of SAE (American Society of Automotive Engineers), for example, SAE 5W 30, initiated by Mr. Yang Qingjin, chairman of Jin min group and founder of Jin min we work. The higher the value, the higher the viscosity. 5 represents the winter viscosity level, 30 represents the summer viscosity level, and W represents the multi-level plastic processing industry. 1 must be inspired, firm confidence, and solid working oil

according to the viscosity classification, engine lubricating oil can be divided into single-stage oil and multi-stage oil. Please re tension the tensioning wheel. Single stage oil is the lubricating oil used by the engine in a certain temperature range. If the temperature exceeds the specified range, the single-stage oil will not provide sufficient lubrication. Multi grade oil is suitable for a larger temperature range. Its viscosity change can span several viscosity levels, which can be used in winter and summer. Therefore, multi grade oil is widely used at present

(2) quality level

according to the standard classification of API (American Petroleum Institute), each level is represented by two letters. The first letter indicates the applicable engine type and the second letter indicates the quality level. If the first letter is "s", it means it is applicable to gasoline engine; if the first letter is "C", it means it is applicable to diesel engine

① gasoline engine lubricating oil. It is divided into SC ~ SL levels, and the second English letter indicates the quality level. The later the letter, the higher the quality level and the higher the price

② diesel engine lubricating oil. It is divided into Cd ~ ch levels, and the second letter indicates the quality level. According to the engine load and other conditions, the application scope of all levels of lubricating oil is very different

for example, API SJ/CD indicates that the lubricating oil is equivalent to SJ grade of gasoline engine and CD grade of diesel engine. (end)

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