The hottest plastic market in Shandong fell sharpl

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Shandong plastic market fell sharply again

last week, Shandong plastic market fell sharply due to sluggish transactions, and the market panic atmosphere was relatively strong

last Monday, the market showed some signs of improvement, and more and more inquiries were prepared to purchase goods. It can be seen that this was only a flash in the pan. Since Wednesday, the market has shown an accelerated downward trend, and there was still no sign of stopping the decline by the weekend. The whole market was very chaotic. The price fell sharply, with a range of about yuan/ton. At present, LLDPE is at yuan/ton, LDPE is at yuan/ton, HDPE is at yuan/ton, which is basically in a state of price without market. The transaction meets the experimental volume of large samples and full-size samples, and the dealers are generally pessimistic about the relatively perfect industrial chain

as the market is in a wait-and-see state, most dealers have no idea about the next trend of the market. The only thing they can do now is to wait and make a decision after the situation becomes clearer

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