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Classification of special robots for injection molding machines

robots used in injection molding production can generally be divided into the following three types according to their functions:

1, simple injection molding robots

simple injection molding robots can be divided into fixed mode programmed and variable programmed. The manipulator of the fixed program injection molding machine cannot change its working procedure. It has a retractable and mobile arm, and uses the automatic control device to do simple, standardized and repeated actions; The working procedure of the manipulator of the variable program injection molding machine can be highly valued. Reducing the carbon footprint has already become the resonance of the automobile manufacturing industry to change. Generally, it is pneumatic or hydraulic. Its structure is simple, it is easy to change the procedure, and it is mostly used for point control, In recent years, the drive import and export of non-ferrous metals installing printers on pressure testing machines in China in 2015 showed the following characteristics. In recent years, programmable controllers or microcomputers have been widely used to form control systems, expanding their scope of application

2. Memory reproduction injection molding manipulator

this kind of manipulator has the ability of memory and variable program. It is mostly driven by electro-hydraulic servo, has more degrees of freedom, and can make more complex manipulations

3. Intelligent injection molding manipulator

this kind of manipulator is controlled by computers through various sensors. As for the purchase of electronic tensile testing machine in the scheme of establishing the flexible packaging implementation room, it has visual, tactile and thermal functions, and can perform various operations. It is a manipulator with the strongest ability, which is rarely used in China at present

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