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Have you ever used Sony PS4 Pro home entertainment game console to evaluate its fun? Experience evaluation experience

this Sony PS4 Pro home entertainment game console 1TB host dual handle June suit (black) has recently started this in I share my feelings and opinions. I hope it can help later friends choose reference:

after the arrival of this Sony PS4 pro, I have used the SAMPE Shanghai Branch for a period of time. I feel that the machine is good, the fan sound is very small, and the operation is smooth during the production, I have eliminated the old PS4 that has accompanied me for more than three years. I have been playing the PS host for a long time. Since I started playing PS1 in the 1990s, I have played countless games. In short, it's good. I like it. Turn to the latest quotation of, details of advantages and disadvantages of friends' comments ", I hope it can be used as a reference for later friends

price:'s PS4 popular game console was a limited time spike on June 7! Popular host as low as 1849! There is also a limited time discount for game masterpieces! Happy gathering 618 play trendy play cool play attitude, the promotion price is ¥ 2899.00 (click here to check JD. Com's latest promotion quotation). Friends in need may wish to check the latest activity quotation

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Product Name: Sony [PS4 Pro national travel game console] 1TB host June two handed handle suit (black)

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yesterday afternoon, and DSM can provide customers with materials for testing. The list arrived this morning. Open it to see the new host, the seal is complete, and the packaging is in place! The experimental machine of hand-held auto parts bought alone has flexible and diverse control modes, and the handle disc is also great! When you go home at night, plug in the machine immediately and follow the instructions. You can play directly. It's great! The picture and sound effects are nice, and the handle has sound and vibration, and the feel is great! Customer service is also very patient, that is, it hasn't been backed up yet. We play the newly bought CD first. We have an advantage to study it later. In short, it's a very good shopping

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