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Evonik released its enterprise report

Evonik group recently released its second enterprise report sheet metal: a protective layer for the appearance of fatigue testing machine, which expounds the specific content of Evonik's enterprise strategy and planning. When stressing the importance of enterprises to the group, Dr. yingkai Shi, chairman of Evonik, said: "enterprises are the obligations of enterprises, so they are an indispensable part of our management system." Evonik's enterprise plan defines specific plans for its implementation within the group in the next few years

this 84 page enterprise report describes the projects, data and examples that Evonik operators can meet the experimental requirements, and also includes the first progress report submitted by the group to the United Nations International compact organization. When Evonik joined the global compact, it promised to abide by 10 principles in human rights, labor, environmental protection and anti-corruption. Evonik's enterprise reporting is based on the principles of the global reporting system (GRI), which is a recognized norm for sustainable reporting worldwide

yingkai stressed that the goal of Evonik is to grow responsibly, create value, and contribute to the sustainable development of society. In the long run, sustainable development, as the foundation of social and industrial prosperity, must rely on innovation and modern technology. He called for fostering and promoting social consensus through dialogue, so that people can accept the industry and its technology and build confidence

as the world's leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals, Evonik's business is based on three major global trends: energy efficiency, health and nutrition, and technological globalization. As part of the lithium battery storage project, Evonik is developing the world's first large-scale lithium ceramic battery. In addition, Evonik Shanghai has built a large integrated production base of graphene and manganese dioxide composite polymers and coating raw materials, which is the group's largest investment project in China so far. This project shows Evonik's strong technical ability to serve the global growth market

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