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How about Skyworth TV 55h10 evaluation? SKYWORTH TV 55h10 parameter configuration advantages and disadvantages introduction

Skyworth TV 55 inch hot selling TV recommendation: skyworth/Skyworth 55h10 55 inch 4K high-definition intelligent network full screen LCD flat-panel TV. As the announcement points out, collect the latest trial Skyworth TV 55h10 friends' feelings, functional features, advantages and disadvantages, and hope to help you choose this Skyworth TV 55h10 for reference

I. how about Skyworth TV 55h10? Is it easy to use

trial model: Skyworth 55h10 55 inch 4K high-definition intelligent network full screen TV

reference quotation: ¥ 4599.00

trial experience for a week:

(1) the TV is very large, the imaging is clear, the color is natural, the cost performance is very high, the installer's attitude is good, the sound quality is great, and it's easy to use, the appearance is very beautiful, the appearance value is very high, and watching high-definition movies is very clear

(2) after comparing TV brands for a long time, I finally chose Skyworth, an old brand. This TV has relatively high performance in all aspects, and the display effect is particularly clear. The previous TV box can be laid off, and you can watch it directly by connecting to WiFi. There are many resources, and the configuration is relatively high in all aspects. I am very satisfied with the main appearance, and the embroidery is really beautiful. When I see it in the living room, my friends say it is good-looking and satisfied

try it out for three weeks with engine oil and gear oil. Feel: Please click here to check the details. Press the test to start, take 1 standard weight and hang it gently on the upper fixture connecting base, record the pneumatic value displayed by the computer, and calculate the difference with the standard weight. The error should not exceed 1% Functional features and detailed configuration parameters:

Skyworth TV 55h10 functional features are shown in the following figure:

detailed configuration parameters:

III. user experience advantages and disadvantages comments:

advantages: the one-piece alloy flanger is like a batch of Color Masterbatch, with slight color difference, no matching interface, the TV frame and backplane are integrated, the TV is ultra-thin, full screen TV, looking at the picture clearly and naturally, and the embroidery process in the lower right corner of the TV, Highlight the noble quality of TV. With artificial intelligence, you can control the TV as long as you face the voice of the remote control. The TV runs with 3G memory and stores 64g. You can use it as you like, without worrying about the problem of insufficient TV capacity. Disadvantages: personally, I think this TV is very perfect. After using it for a week, I didn't find any shortcomings. My family likes it. The latest promotion quotation of tmall official

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