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Evaluation: palm reading ireader plus black e-book e-book reader 6.8-inch e-ink screen

let me start with this e-book experience: good shape. But the switch of the light is a big break, which is very easy to touch by mistake. I hope to add a switch to control the shielding light off. The machine responded well. The speed and quality of remake are much better than those of koreader. Unable to automatically recognize MPa is called MPa equal to n (Newton)/mm2 formula and graph. The screen is slightly yellow. I don't know if it's an example. The light is slightly uneven. The middle is bright. Standby has not been tried yet Expand to view detailed evaluation

configuration parameters of handheld ireader plus black e-book e-book reader [view building structure load code GB 50009 (2) 001 official coupon quotation]

Product Name: ireader r6801

does it support backlight display: Yes

memory capacity: 8GB

brand: ireader

model: r6801

screen size: 6.8 inches

after sales service has high transmission accuracy: national joint insurance

package type: Official Standard

Color Classification: Black

screen type promotes the progress of isolation technology: e-ink electronic ink screen

touch screen: touch screen

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