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In addition to credit cards, Apple iTunes finally supports operator payment

Apple finally allows users to pay for the apps they buy in the iTunes Store through their own mobile operators. It has taken the lead in providing O2 users with this option in Germany

it is reported that this new option has appeared on both desktop and mobile iTunes. Users can pay directly through operators for their purchases in iTunes stores that should have a shorter service life, rather than using credit cards or bank accounts. It supports Apple Music, iTunes, app store, iBooks store and other platforms

and elegant, convenient and fast. For countries with low credit card usage, this function is simply wonderful, which will make it easier for users to buy applications and other paid content

Google (Weibo) has provided operator billing services for Android users in many countries, but Apple has not provided this service before, but the increase in volume can not guarantee the synchronous improvement of quality

apple did not comment on this, nor did it issue a public statement on whether the company will promote this service on a larger scale in the future, but this is the first time it has shown interest in the billing function of operators, which may mean that it is likely to provide this service in more countries in the future

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