How to solve the problem of over packaging

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On the morning of November 22, the International Symposium on green packaging and standardization was held in Shanghai. Experts from the international organization for Standardization (ISO) and national and regional standardization organizations in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries and regions, together with officials, experts and industrialists in China's standardization and packaging industry management, focused on the theme of green packaging, involving packaging materials, transportation Carry out dialogues on topics such as standards for hazardous substances

Yang Weimin, vice president of China Packaging Federation, said that at present, the content of China's packaging standards is not reasonable and perfect; The standards are not coordinated and systematic enough; Heavy form and poor operability<"To maintain growth in the transformation and upgrading/p>

the experts at the meeting believed that to solve the persistent problem of excessive packaging, we need to correct product design concepts and eliminate backward production processes and equipment. We must rely on the establishment and improvement of regulations, policies, standards and technical systems that are in line with the characteristics of economic and social development and management decisions at the current stage, and promote the implementation of energy-saving and low-carbon standards in the household appliance industry. Standards and standardization play an irreplaceable role.

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