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How to solve the carton printing exposure date: Source: Chinese paper number of Views: 6283 copyright and disclaimer core tips: [China Packaging News] how to break the printing exposure? Urgent teeth itch! Screenshots of some fans' distracted answers: Answer 1: it depends on whether it is before or after the machine, and it is generally paper lifting

answer 1: it depends on whether it is before or after the machine, which is generally found during the handling process of the paper lifting personnel and the paper output of the counting machine, especially the long cardboard and white cardboard, and the paper dragging frame should be lengthened

answer 2: in the process of cardboard output, counting, turnover, loading and transportation, and cardboard printing and loading of the production line, it must be ensured that the cardboard cannot be broken towards the face paper direction. As long as this process is strictly paid attention to, there will be no such phenomenon. Since there are high requirements for products, the process must also be strict. In fact, it is really simple to do, and habits become natural

answer 3: if it is not caused by the production line, it is caused by the air suction under the feeding of the printing machine. You can re stick the plate, but try changing the feeding direction of the printing

answer 4: the tension of the face paper is slightly larger when moving the paperboard, and the paperboard is tilted down a little. Pay attention to avoid bending towards the face paper when turning the board off the line and on the printing machine. Be sure to solve the bending in handling cardboard

match the timing belt answer 5: the cardboard should be flat, and the cardboard in the production line must be placed in one direction. Then don't put it too long, and it will also be curved after a long time

answer 6: if it is not the cardboard itself, but when it comes to the paper feeding department, it is necessary to think about how to control the smoothness of paper feeding

there are three empirical methods:

first: reduce the suction air volume of paper feeding; It also makes the product defect rate early found. Second, raise the rear stop of the paper feeding department and the paper roll; 3: Stick some wear-resistant pads (such as base paper binding belt) at the rear of the paper feeding platform/grille according to the law of the paper feeding wheels, and stick them in the two paper feeding wheels (not higher than the rear paper feeding wheels) (4) start the oil pump to prevent the tension caused by the extrusion of the paper feeding roller at the front of the paperboard from being released in the negative pressure suction, resulting in broken lines in the depressions in the two paper feeding wheels

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