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How to solve the problem of poor experience of replacing plastic straw with paper straw

release date: Source: Chongqing business daily

"paper straw made me successfully quit milk tea", "today is another day of screw grip taught by paper straw"... Since the implementation of the "plastic restriction order", many beverage stores have replaced environmental straw, among which the paper straw with lower cost is the most popular

recently, topics such as "reasons for hating paper straws" and "happiness deprived by paper straws" have frequently appeared on hot searches, which has also attracted public attention to the sense of experience of paper straws. At present, how about consumers' sense of experience? How will the experience of paper straw be improved? We inquired about this

the paper straw that "deprives the happiness of milk tea" notes that since the "plastic restriction order" came into effect, the paper straw has been searched at least three times in January this year. As long as you enter the three keywords "paper straw", you can speed up the cultivation and growth of leading enterprises to pop up the roast of countless friends about paper straw, and even "the reasons why you hate paper straw", "the happiness deprived by paper straw" and other topics specially set up for this purpose

according to the comments of friends, the slot points of paper straw are mainly "easy to be soaked soft", "peculiar smell", "unable to tie the cover", etc. Is the paper straw the terminator of "milk tea happiness"? On January 22, I visited many beverage stores in Nan'an District of Chongqing and had a personal experience

in the Xicha store installed at the lower part of the experimental machine, there are currently two kinds of environmental protection straw, one is paper straw and the other is PLA straw. After using the paper straw, it was found that the texture of the paper straw was hard, which was not suitable for consumers who had the habit of biting the straw. After a long bubble, the interface between the straw and the cup cover softened. The PLA straw looks like a frosted plastic straw. The experience of drinking cold drinks is similar to that of plastic straw, but it will still deform when drinking hot drinks

Starbucks stores also provide paper straws, but customers who place orders for hot drinks will be advised to drink through the straight cup cover, "it is best not to use paper straws for hot drinks". At chabaidao store, I found that at present, the store only provides paper straws. After inserting hot drinks, I obviously felt that the straws softened when I took a second sip

Mr. Zhou, a citizen, told: "the experience of paper straw is too poor, and it is not convenient at all." Miss Chen said that among paper straws and PLA straws, she would prefer to choose PLA straws. "Whether it's a cold drink or a hot drink, the durability of the paper straw is not very good. At least the PLA straw won't fall apart after drinking."

several brands announced that they would upgrade straw

recently, Guming, chabaidao, Xicha, Lele tea and other brands have mentioned the topic of straw on the official Weibo. Therefore, the price of the hydraulic type is at least 10000 yuan higher than that of the lever. Among them, Gu Ming also launched an apology video of the head of R & D on the official wechat, and wrote in the text: "I'm wrong! Don't dare next time! Gu Ming is changing the straw, and new biodegradable straw is being launched one after another." Chabaidao official wechat also revealed that PLA straws are being arranged, and stores across the country will launch PLA straws successively after the Spring Festival

it is understood that PLA is a new type of biodegradable material, which is made of starch raw materials extracted from renewable plant resources (such as corn). It has good biodegradability. After use, it can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature, and finally generate carbon dioxide and water. It is very friendly to the environment

from the perspective of the popularity of PLA straws, the head brand is in the forefront, and the launch time is earlier. Statistics show that in June 2019, Xi tea began to promote paper straws in stores across the country; In November 2020, Xicha Shenzhen coastal city environmental protection theme store opened and began to use disposable PLA plastic straws; In December, PLA straws were successively replaced in Xicha stores across the country. Lele tea has synchronized PLA straws in stores across the country at the end of last year. Chabaidao, Guming and other brands recently announced the upgrading of paper straw to PLA straw

in addition to PLA straws, improved environmental straws have also become the choice of many brands. Naixue's tea has been replaced with paper straws and degradable straws in stores across the country since September 2020, and the use of plastic straws has been gradually reduced. From January 1, 2021, Diandian has adopted pla+pbs "degradable straw", which is mainly composed of polylactic acid and polyglycol succinate


degradable materials usher in development opportunities

according to the data previously released by the National Bureau of statistics, the annual consumption of plastic straws in 2019 was nearly 30000 tons, about 46billion. As the "plastic restriction order" takes effect, it is a general trend to replace paper straws and degradable straws with better experience

the person in charge of Naixue's tea told that the cost of replacing the green straw increased by about 30% to 40% compared with the previous plastic straw. The relevant person in charge of Xi tea also revealed that from the perspective of cost, PLA straw is larger than paper straw, and paper straw is larger than plastic straw. In this context, more and more enterprises have entered this field. At present, the business scope of our country includes "biodegradation, photodegradation, chemical degradation and biodegradation", and there are nearly 8400 degradable related enterprises that are in operation, existing, moving in and moving out. Among them, nearly 2300 degradable related enterprises were added in 2020, an increase of 38% over the same period last year

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