How to solve the problem of printing registration

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How to solve the problem of printing registration through drawing design

when using flexo printing to produce corrugated boxes, on the one hand, the design should pursue industrialization and the exquisite use of patterns, and on the other hand, the printing difficulty should be considered. For small words and patterns, if you want to express them through overprint, it is difficult to ensure the overprint accuracy, which is bound to increase the scrap rate or make the printed patterns unsightly. Generally, trapping is used to solve this problem

the trapping of corrugated board is usually 0 Mm, sometimes it may be slightly smaller for different printing machines. Dark and light overprint will be easy to handle. Attention should be paid to the accurate overprint of the seam in the design, and the two-color overprint parts generally need to be 0 2mm trapping treatment to avoid whitening when overprint is poor. After all, relevant medical materials and medical materials are used in the field of high-tech medical technology. The recycled materials produced by overlapping reports have high purity and performance. A group of words or color blocks are overprinted by multiple units, which increases the printing difficulty. Therefore, in the design, attention should be paid not to overprint two color blocks with the same shape and size, so as to avoid inaccurate overprint. Instead, words, patterns or small color blocks should be overprinted locally on the large field color blocks

flexographic printing machines are mostly driven by gears, and there are two-color or multi-color color blocks or line arrangements in the packaging design, which will also cause difficulties in printing

the relief pattern on the flexo is formed by brushing off the unexposed part with the plate washing liquid and brush, so the flexo has requirements for the size of the smallest text and the thinnest lines. For corrugated board printing, it is recommended that the thinnest line should not be less than 0.5mm. If it is an isolated line, it should also be widened appropriately. As for the text, we should pay attention to the size of the design text. The text is too small to be seen clearly from a certain distance, which has lost the significance of promoting and promoting goods for corrugated board printing. Therefore, too small words should be avoided in the design. For English words, especially small words, we should consciously thicken the strokes to avoid thinning or even pasting the strokes due to the spread of ink during printing. In addition, polyurethane materials will also be used. Pay attention to the selection of fonts, because the stroke structures of boldface and Song typeface are different, so it is not easy to uniformly set the minimum font size

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